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      • VincentMassol[m]
        good morning
      • Note: today we need to stabilize the build for the release of Monday
      • Thomas[m]2
        Enygma: Looks like you forgot to set the jacoco value for new moduls
      • > [WARNING] Rule violated for bundle xwiki-platform-captcha-api: instructions covered ratio is 0.17, but expected minimum is 1.00
      • the new captcha pags also seems tp have some HTML5 validation issues
      • Thomas[m]2 sent a long message: < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/wYLRFZgKAaDzfbImNuMGaGPQ >
      • (sounds like missing modules in the WAR)
      • this issue also breaks a few tests which are not related to captcha
      • VincentMassol[m]
        guys, just threw out my back.... (been a while since it last happened).... I can hardly type FTM.... bbiab
      • IlieAndriuta[m]
        Thomas: Hi! I've tested MySQL 5.7.23 (using connector 5.1.46) on XWiki 10.7 (created the instance with subwiki) and also performing an upgrade to 10.8 SNAPSHOT and it worked fine, no errors encountered
      • howevere, there was a merge conflict with a page ```AppWithinMinutes.Pages```, but it reproduced also when I was performing the migration with PostgreSQL
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      • Thomas[m]2
        Ilie Andriuta: could you try with connector 8 ?
      • no need to do any upgrade to have the issue
      • IlieAndriuta[m]
        ok, I have connector 8.0.11, but I don't know if its recommended for MySQL 5.7
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      • Thomas[m]2
        sure but the idea is to find out exactly where the problem come from when using MySQL 5.7.x
      • IlieAndriuta[m]
        I see, ok
      • Thomas[m]2
        so that we can document it
      • IlieAndriuta[m]
        I will test shortly
      • Thomas[m]2
        if it's comming from the connector then cool we just tell people which connector to use
      • thanks !
      • IlieAndriuta[m]
        np, I see the latest released 8 connector is 8.0.12
      • will test with that