• craigcook
        it's still in progress
      • yeah
      • he's further along than we are though
      • agibson
        heh, yeah
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      • ericrenaud: so looking at the site map, one thing that occurred to me is we don't have a link to the pre-release download page
      • I dunno who's call it is to include what goes in there, but I think this would be worth consideration
      • (I'm talking about the nav, to be clear)
      • ericrenaud
        agibson: do you have a proposed means to address that? Another item/link in the subnav to Firefox?
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      • mham
        agibson: will spend about an hour on the nav images… may not be ready for you today (your evenining), but I'll post so they're ready to go early Wednesday morning
      • agibson
        ericrenaud: right, adding another link. it's becoming a long list though :/
      • mham: no worries, thanks again
      • ericrenaud
        yeah, you read my mind.
      • agibson
        ericrenaud: yeah it's a tough call
      • maybe something we should discuss for the next iteration
      • ericrenaud
        agreed. it's really a bit of a challenge to get to /firefox/channel/desktop/ - maybe we can address that in the upcoming work on the fx pages themselves.
      • agibson
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      • craigcook
        I already miss Fira Sans :(
      • craigcook switched to Open Sans about 30 seconda go
      • "seconds ago"
      • bensternthal
        jpetto give me 3 minutes... kicking someone out of a conf room
      • jpetto
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      • agibson
      • list of all 404 SUMO links on mozorg ^ :(
      • now... should this be a bedrock bug, or a SUMO bug?
      • (I hope the later)
      • craigcook
        I would assume a SUMO bug. Either those pages should exist or the URLs should redirect to the correct page. They broke the links, not us :)
      • agibson
        that's what I hope too
      • agibson goes to file bug
      • craigcook
        but there were a bunch of broken links, right? including in-product ones
      • agibson
        yeah, trouble is Firefox can't fix those for old versions
      • craigcook
      • agibson
        we don't have that problem thankfully
      • but they (lithium) could fix everything I hope