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      • bitshifter
        sorry, brief outage. example of error http://pastebin.com/urQPu9s1
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      • keeper
        Mmm, normally file name length is limited to 256, so I don't know how you're hitting that.
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      • Run it with RUST_BACKTRACE=1, and see which bit of the testrunner code is calling unwrap.
      • bitshifter
        the backtrace wasn't super useful http://pastebin.com/7mpB3aUY
      • hard to tell what actually caused the panic from that
      • keeper
        Maybe enabel debug symbols?
      • bitshifter
        they should be enabled, it seems like the panic happened inside a closure but I can't see more than that
      • keeper
        Or run with strace, and see what file it's trying to create.
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      • bitshifter
        I can't see anything in strace that looks like it's actually opening that path, so probably failing on rust side before it gets to the system
      • compiler is built as debug, not sure how to force the compiletest program to build as debug though