• ren0v0
        and my streams all stopped working :S
      • i'm all for bleeding edge but this is becoming hellish :D
      • ic0n_
        which auth options are you using?
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      • ren0v0
        let me see
      • ic0n_, i only ticked "Allow login by authentication hash (?)", all others are default
      • ic0n_
        When did you tick that? Has it only stopped working on the latest update? Or did it stop working when you ticked that?
      • can you determine the url used to hit zms? tell me what was passed to it?
      • i suspect the auth= has been url encoded and needs to url decoded...
      • although it all works fine for me.
      • try removing any non-standard chars from AUTH_HASH_SECRET it defaults to having periods in it
      • ok that's not it... changing any of those options will require a log out and log back in... did you do that.
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      • ren0v0
        ic0n_, sorry for long reply, i did change the secret already to chars and digits
      • this is a different device, and i signed in today
      • i've restarted ZM and no joy with the streams either, they have the broken image icon and the events say cannot be played. Tried zmNinja and that doesn't work either anymore so not sure what is going on
      • zmNinjaBot
        If you are facing issues with zmNinja, you have a few options: a) Wait for 'asker' to join IRC (US East coast time) b) create an issue at https://github.com/pliablepixels/zmNinja/issues or c) Send an email to pliablepixels@gmail.com in that order. Thanks.
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