• nehagup[m]
        Okay. :)
      • tmortagne[m]
        nehagup: I don't understand why you closed https://github.com/xwiki-contrib/dokuwiki/pull/4, you can keep adding more commit to your branch and they will end up in the pull request
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      • nehagup[m]
        Thomas: I fixed the testcase file but the build was still failing because of warning log. So I thought I needs to be complete.
      • tmortagne[m]
        Sure but no need to close it, you could have simply commented that something was still missing
      • (But it was not even required since we knew about it)
      • nehagup[m]
        > nehagup: you can disable this check in your pom.xml, you can take a look at the mediawiki-xml one as an example
      • Thomas: By disabling check did you mean skipping particular test?
      • tmortagne[m]
        No by disabling check I mean disabling check for logs. Again take a look at https://github.com/xwiki-contrib/mediawiki/blob... see last property
      • nehagup[m]
        This is already here
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      • As indicated in the error log - shall I also exclude the file from maven-surefire-plugin execution.
      • VincentMassol[m]
        Not very good active install results last week: http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/ActiveInsta...
      • ldubost[m]
        I think it's because this graph is 7 day active install and for a while there has been some robot increasing install that did not stay 1 day.. my graph of 1 day install do not see a huge change
      • However 10 day active install are not growing.. but are stable.. we would need some campaigns to grow this
      • tmortagne[m]
        nehagup: i did not talk about checkstyle, again look at the "properties" the one you are searching for is the last one
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      • nehagup[m]
        Oh. I got it this time. :o
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      • victor_manoliu_f
        Hello everyone ! How can I format a date format so that it will show only the hours with minutes and seconds ? I'm talking about an attribute of type Date in a Class
      • anyone ?
      • evalica[m]
        I think Google should be your friend
      • that answer was just an example, for the record. but you will find similar 'date format' for your class
      • nehagup[m]
        Hey! I'm facing this issue for the second time and couldn't really solve it.
      • The project builds fine initially and all test cases pass, but at the end build fails.
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      • evalica[m]
        you are missing the license. run mvn xar:format
      • nehagup[m]
        For the first time I re-setup the project and made changes and it built fine. But I don't want to go with workarounds always. :D
      • evalica[m]
        so that it adds it
      • nehagup[m]
        Oh! Thanks. :)
      • evalica: I tried it. Still get the same error.
      • tmortagne[m]
        As indicated in the error you are missing the license is a file you added. Go up in the log to see which file is it and just add it, you can find it in other files of the same kind
      • nehagup:
      • nehagup[m]
        Alright. :)
      • VincentMassol[m]
        Clément Aubin: hi, will you be able to release/prepare the XS 10.5RC1 release or not? Should we remove your name from the RM roster? See http://dev.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/ReleasePlan...
      • caubin[m]
        Hi vmassol
      • Why shouldn't I be able to release this version :)
      • ?
      • Don't worry, it's going to be a great release :p