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      • oiaohm
        Thaodan: most of the patches at starting to be used in newer versions will have to be rewriten.
      • starting/staging
      • Thaodan
        I see, usally rebase against commit xxx meant all patches could be applied
      • but its a long way after all the merge requests I see
      • oiaohm
        The reality was this nightmare was always going to happen.
      • We are now having some of the patches from staging being that bad they are causing complete lock ups.
      • If you attempt to apply against updated version of wine because wine has at long last fixed a lot of FIXME so area that use not work now do work and messing with thing invalid results in complete explode.
      • The reality with staging it to the point where you would basically need to start clean.
      • Thaodan
        I see. Also mix in the features ppl depend on and you have the perfect
      • hell
      • sadly the video of wine conf where there talked about this was not really good (voice of the presentor is too silent=
      • oiaohm
        Depending on features and not working on upstreaming results in this failure.
      • like the witcher 3 buffer work around. That thing is causing hard lock-ups.
      • Wine main project out lawed hacks a long time ago because in the year 2002 they suffered from this nightmare.
      • staging went back to accept hacks and now the effect of them has caught up with it.
      • Thaodan
        I thought after the merging of bugtrackers and so on this gets bettter. I depend on the ntdll changes for anti cheat protection
      • also csmt was not completly merged
      • oiaohm
        csmt was working it way to mainline.
      • but there are a lot of ntdll and other work around that people were not working to mainline.
      • they were happy with a hack not thinking these hacks do at some point turn around and take you feet off.
      • Thaodan: basically humans don't learn quickly.
      • Thaodan
        they should have been merged I think or how could made things like this work? some programs basicly hack windows to get more control
      • also performance is a thing. DX3D11 performance is not that good
      • oiaohm
        There is a lot of work going on in Dx11 in wine at the moment. Making it very hard to attempt any performance patch.
      • Thaodan: please note there are lot of patches in staging that look good enough quality that could have been submit to be merged but never have been.
      • Thaodan: with the issues shutting staging down seams like the right thing for now.
      • and if something like staging starts up again it will need strict rules like patches only able to remain in it unchanged for like 12 months then like it or not they better be merged upstream or altered or they will be deleted.
      • Thaodan: there is kind room for short term hacks but when short term hacks become long term used work around its a ticking time bomb.
      • Thaodan
        I know, sometimes those things dont happen. I hope that most stuff gets merged soon and dont messes up again. Usally I'm just packaging that stuff and report bugs if they happen.
      • Taliking about performance, how is the dx3d10 performance? I saw that wow requests a d3dx11 context even when you selet directx11 in the game
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