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      • zooms
        hi! is there a specific keybinding in editor preferences for increasing camera move speed
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      • Cremuss
        Hey guys! Would you happen to have a technique to space out a sine wave in the material editor? Not making it slower I mean, but like one sine wave every 2 second for instance? Ty
      • like adding a delay between each wave
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      • GomJabbar
        Cremuss: 2sinx should half the length of a sin
      • Cremuss
        GomJabbar, 2sinx, what's that?
      • GomJabbar
        thats a math represenation of the sin function multiplied by 2
      • x being your angle or theta
      • Cremuss
        humm I'm not sure I understand. If you mean multiplying by two the result of Time>Sine output, then no. I don't want a slower sine wave but to delay it. Like /\___/\___ instead of /\/\/\
      • GomJabbar
        then 1/2 * sinx
      • oh you want a delay
      • between the waves
      • Cremuss
      • GomJabbar
        then you would just not call sin function for so many frames
      • or iterations
      • and instead replace it with a constant
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      • Cremuss
        yeah, couldn't find an easy way to do that in the material editor though. I'm lerping my wave signal with a constant using another clamped sine wave. kinda works