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      • Zectbumo
        Can someone tell me if REMOTE_USER is supposed to be in the wsgi environment? It appears that twisted.web.wsgi omitted this.
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      • NoImNotNineVolt
        is there a way to use multiple thread pools?
      • also, onjoin spam.
      • Zectbumo
        yeah why not? use all the thread pools you want
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      • kenaan
        Tickets pending review: https://tm.tl/#5949, #9240, #9243, #9175, #9254, #9255, #9250, #761, #8966 (the0id), #9100, #9101, #9118 (the0id), #4964 (jameshilliard), #9138, #9143
      • new core defect https://tm.tl/#9256 by twm: Numbered list in the narrative docs are wrapped in <blockquote>
      • NoImNotNineVolt
        like, i mean, i'm currently doing reactor.suggestThreatPoolSize(n) and reactor.callInThread(...)
      • but was wondering if ther was a straightforward way of doing the same thing across more than one thread pool.
      • Zectbumo
        NoImNotNineVolt: I'm not sure what you are getting at. What is it you are trying to do?
      • NoImNotNineVolt
        i have many instances of two different functions that i'd like to have executing in two different thread pools.
      • Zectbumo
        and I mean that in the sense of what problem are you trying to solve?
      • NoImNotNineVolt
        i'm polling one server and writing to another.
      • i can have n simultaneous connections to the one and m to the other.
      • Zectbumo
        you don't need threads for that
      • NoImNotNineVolt
        strictly speaking, no, i don't.
      • Zectbumo
        exactly. not sure what other type of speaking you want.
      • NoImNotNineVolt
        i'm using threads, though.
      • Zectbumo
        then your performance will go down
      • NoImNotNineVolt
        i'd sooner just use one thread pool and hope for the best.
      • Zectbumo
        you want zero pools
      • NoImNotNineVolt
        it's not clear how this would work well with blocking i/o calls then.
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