• wryfi
        hmm, i tried passing it the global reactor, but it raised an error about already having a reactor running, or something like that
      • tos9: good point
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      • tos9
        you'd have to pastebin the error
      • wryfi
        i should refactor that ;)
      • tos9
        Agent doesn't start the reactor for you, so you shouldn't see anything like taht unless you call reactor.start
      • also you probably should look at treq, since using Agent on its own is kind of painful
      • wryfi
        didn't know about treq, i'll check that out.
      • about to end my day, but i'll be back at it tomorrow or monday
      • thanks for chiming in
      • tos9
      • ezarowny_
        I'm using treq for the Twisted transport for Rollbar's Python SDK
      • it's not bad
      • combine that with inlineCallbacks and you end up with less code
      • wryfi
        i like it already, from the description ('python requests like library built on top of twisted')
      • :)
      • ezarowny_
        it's fairly similar, some things aren't the same
      • but it's similar enough
      • I'd definitely recommend it though
      • wryfi
        awsesome, thanks for the direction guys
      • (or girls)
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      • wryfi was close to restorting to callInThread ;)
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        Tickets pending review: https://tm.tl/#8966 (the0id), #9101, #9118 (the0id), #4964 (jameshilliard), #9131, #9138, #9143, #8159
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