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        CarlFK: can you put together a page for your "av-foss-stack" ?
      • CarlFK
        mithro: not for a few days. who/why wants to read it?
      • mithro: you are looking for a readme of how to use it, right ?
      • I am helping a friend shoot a kickstarter promo video right now, and Saturday I am recording a 4 hour presentation in a coffee shop
      • mithro
        CarlFK: more a description of what it is, who is using it, what it does
      • Like the voctomix and other pages on code.timvideos.us
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        mithro: check google group, I have putted something.
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        Hello, I was hoping to ask a question about the summer internship (summer of code)
      • I am not a university student, I am a college student (and in Canada)
      • I'm in electrical engineering and gave just finished a year of C programming for embedded systems, as well as telecommunications and power electronics
      • Are college students from accredited colleges in Canada eligible for the internship?
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