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      • jidar
        do I need to edit both the .tmLanguage file as well as the .sublime-syntax file still?
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      • man I'm really confused here
      • I've got both a language grammar in /Packages and /Users
      • the one in users if deleted, kills my ability to open files for that grammer
      • it feels like this really precarious setup and I'm just looking to move that grammar out of /Users
      • sorry, /User is actually /Packages/User
      • FichteFoll
        jidar: what are the exact file names?
      • and what ST version do you use
      • jidar
        3126, and this is Packages/Puppet/Syntaxes/Puppet.{tmLanguage,sublime-syntax}
      • http://docs.sublimetext.info/en/latest/extensib... has helped shed some light on things... still really curious why removing anything out of User breaks my package
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      • testing something but I think it might have to do with having the package installed in Installed Packages, Packages and User
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      • FichteFoll
        jidar: ST will only read the sublime-syntax file since they both have the same name
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      • regarding the locations, Installed Packages will be the default location
      • Packages/Puppet should only be needed if you intend to override and modify files of the package
      • and the User package is something entirely different. You must have placed the files there manually
      • do you perhaps have the Puppet package disabled?
      • that would explain why files would not get highlighted anymore once you remove the files in the User package
      • jidar
        I think a long time ago I put stuff there to fix a outdated package
      • I didn't have the package disabled, that was something I checked
      • FichteFoll
        also, if you get an error message when you remove the files, it's most likely because you still had a file open that used this syntax
      • jidar
        for whatever reason removing the package from package control, which then also deleted my Packages/Puppet directory, I'm not seeing the issue
      • FichteFoll
        just close the file and reopen it so that the syntax definition in the Puppet package will picked up
      • +be
      • jidar
        let me double check though
      • ughghgh, this is all sorts of broken killing me
      • now the fix I have in Packages/User/Puppet/Syntaxes/Puppet.sublime-syntax isn't being used
      • ok! but at least removing the User/Puppet directory no longer breaks things
      • so there is some hope