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      • mwichmann
        So is it considered Bad Practice for an scons build to call a particular sconscript multiple times?
      • I happen to think so, but could use more ammunition :)
      • bdbaddog
      • think multiple variants of the same source code where variant_dir and exports differ on each call
      • (32/64 bit, debug/release, arm/x86..etc)
      • loonycyborg
        that's actually a really powerful trick
      • variant_dir will result in same builders called on targets moved to another dir
      • this might only do bad things if sconscripts do some things that have side effects that could interfere with each other
      • but doing such things is exactly what I would call a Bad Practice anyway :P
      • bdbaddog
        sure. and also you can indicae such with SideEffect() if unavoidable..
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      • mwichmann
        okay, I buy calls with different contexts; the case I'm referring to is not (we have one that's called exactly the same way from 24 different places, with the net effect of setting a couple of values in the construction environment)
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      • so it's like a #include ... not sure why that bothers me so much, but it does :)