• stevefink
        pokechu22: Do you have any idea how I can set/respond with a cookie in an authentication provider?
      • response.set_cookie(account.make_cookie()) is breaking things
      • pokechu22
        Unfortunately I don't know how that should work. It looks like most cases where make_cookie is used it also uses responder._send_data, not sure how exactly
      • stevefink
        Yeah I don't have an instance of responder in the auth provider.
      • I'll post in /r/redditdev and see if anyone knows
      • My problem is I can't find what/where is instantiating/calling the AuthenticationProvider instance
      • I'm guessing that's where the cookie needs to be set
      • well forcing a stack trace will help
      • looks like I need to read code in r2.controllers.reddit_base
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