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        <ahmad> @ken how beefy are the hosts?
      • <ken> 2x2.4ghz, 8gb mem, docker 1.12.6, kernel 4.4.0, Ubuntu
      • <leodotcloud> @alex99.liu @ken Can you please share the logs collected using `https://github.com/rancher/rancher-logs-collector`? You can share them in a direct message @ahmad and me.
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      • <kevin.medeiros> @channel Can someone helpme, i having problems criating rancher-nfs server,
      • <longwuyuan> @kevin.medeiros what is the question
      • <kevin.medeiros> i having problem to configure rancher nfs on centos
      • <kevin.medeiros> when i use Mount Options: proto=tcp,port=2049,nfsvers=4