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        <sam509> Does anyone know how to pass the custom Rancher/Agent variable in Rancher 2 that will amend the host-ip that node appears sa
      • <sam509> I suppose, what is CATTLE_AGENT_IP in Rancher 2?
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      • <rickard.von.essen> There is no agent in the latest version of Rancher 2?
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      • <sam509> @rickard.von.essen There is an agent. But since I'm using Docker Machine, there is a 10.0.0.* IP and there is a 192.168.*.* IP. Rancher/Agent is defaulting to 10.* when I need 192.168.*...
      • <sam509> There must be something I can pass in to rancher/agent when I launch it, telling it to use the different IP. I can pass --server to it for server so there must be a --client or something equivalent
      • <rickard.von.essen> Oh, probably there is an agent if you use node provisioning, I just upgraded my cluster but used RKE to bring up k8s first and the just imported it to k8s.
      • <sam509> I'm using the Docker command so... hmm
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      • <thomas424> can somebody tell me how i can customize the used path of longhorn? i want to use a specific mount path on a separate disk for all my volumes.
      • <thomas424> ah, seems to be fixed to /var/lib/rancher/longhorn
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