• mage_
        I fucking hate Webpack
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      • plant-ian
        mage_: I can't tell if it is webpack or the libraries I'm trying to use with webpack.
      • stevepie_
        domen tweeted about parceljs over webpack
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      • raydeo
        stevepiercy: dunno if you saw but 1.10a1 is out if you want to tweet about it
      • I did send an email
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      • stevepiercy
        raydeo oh, hai, ya, i tweeted when i saw the email
      • i also belated did my review on the merged PR, sorry to be late
      • Ergo
        hey everyone, I already brought that up once or twice
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      • but I saw this mentioned in dicussions about various frameworks - is there any chance pyramid 2.x could have better out of the box story for asyncio?
      • raydeo
        if someone contributes something that makes sense then sure, but I'm not working on it
      • Ergo
        multiple people say that this would be a game changer for popular frameworks
      • raydeo
        I'm happy to offer opinions and review of course, but I will not be doing all the work required
      • Ergo
        ofcourse, makes sense
      • raydeo
        there has been very little in the way of "let's do it this way" and a ton of "man I wish pyramid supported async"
      • Ergo
      • stevepiercy
        Ergo there are some open issues in Pyramid's tracker: https://github.com/pylons/pyramid/issues?utf8=%...
      • raydeo
        sure, but none of those authors or anyone else has turned that into a PR on pyramid
      • or even engaged with the issue tracker at all afaik
      • Ergo
        yeah, saw that too
      • I was wondering if I could tackle that but I don't have any real life experience with asyncio, I always worked with gevent
      • I wonder how much work would be required to make this work in the first place
      • raydeo
        one way to approach it is that it requires basically providing a decorator that you place on any blocking synchronous code so that it works on that code in a threadpool
      • Ergo
        hm, asynctio is single threaded if i remember correctly
      • wouldn't it make more sense to provide a separate thread to asyncio reactor instead and make a decorator that would make views work with asyncio? (maybe i'm thinking the wrong way about this)
      • raydeo
        yeah for the thread running the event loop, but if you aren't familiar even with how to use blocking code in asyncio then we can't really have a conversation about how to support it in pyramid
      • you should watch some of the presentations by andrew godwin about asgi and channels if you want to get into it
      • Ergo
        so normally you would have the "sync mode" by default - what people are used to, and async views when you require that
      • raydeo
        sorry I just don't have time to get into it, someone needs to come up with a concrete proposal that can be reviewed
      • Ergo
        maybe we could have an issue with list of items that need to be ticked off to have asyncio support
      • right
      • ok, I'll play a bit with asynctio and see if I can come up with a plan
      • I doubt my gevent experience will translate well :/
      • raydeo
        conceptually it is the same but the code is written very differently
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