• techalchemy
        that' what towncrier does
      • just fyi :p
      • it just compiles everthing in whatever folder you tell it to look at into one rst file
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      • FunkyBob
        I don't suppose anyone here is familiar with adding custom setup.py commands/options ?
      • cdunklau
        FunkyBob: just ask your real question :P
      • i've seen it before, can't say i'm really "familiar" with it though
      • tshirtman
        techalchemy: ah, surprising ^^
      • FunkyBob
        cdunklau: it's ok... I discovered the problem [other than the morass of outdated design patterns :) ]
      • was trying to have a custom build_ext command modify some options... but it's too late in the process to be effective
      • cdunklau
      • FunkyBob
        /win 2
      • gah
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      • njs
        techalchemy: towncrier is not very mature, but I like the design and the more people who use it the more it will become mature, so hey
      • techalchemy: I've never bothered with figuring out how to use bumpversionor equivalent, I just keep my version in a 'packagename/_version.py' and pull it in from everywhere that needs it
      • (I do like the idea of twisted's versioneer, which also lets you do things like mark a function as "deprecated in NEXTVERSION" and then automatically fixes those up when you release)
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      • Tyrel
        Happy Monday!
      • tshirtman
        monday is such a popular day :D
      • Tyrel
        Right? Unfortunately every week has them! :(