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      • NOTICE: [13pootle] 15ta2-1 pushed 3 new commits to 06master: 02https://github.com/translate/pootle/compare/fc49df2e5e38...7d3e849b057b
      • NOTICE: 13pootle/06master 142b36940 15Taras Semenenko: Add UnitLog class that allows to get LogEvents for a unit
      • NOTICE: 13pootle/06master 1454656b5 15Taras Semenenko: Add UnitLog getter
      • NOTICE: 13pootle/06master 147d3e849 15Taras Semenenko: Add UnitLog test
      • NOTICE: [13pootle] 15ta2-1 closed pull request #6196: Add UnitLog (06master...06unit_log) 02https://github.com/translate/pootle/pull/6196
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      • NOTICE: (requirements/babel-2.4.0 @ 07a2c70 : Dwayne Bailey): The build passed. https://travis-ci.org/dwaynebailey/pootle/builds/216001627
      • NOTICE: (master @ 6c4f573 : Dwayne Bailey): The build was broken. https://travis-ci.org/translate/pootle/builds/216008666