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      • sc`
        my connectivity is going to be spotty all week if i even have any contact with the internet over the next few days
      • my isp is messing with me for being a good customer or some such
      • due to the way poise acts, it seems like the virtualenv holdovers from the old 'python' cookbook don't exactly work as originally designed
      • osc and tempest have problems in kitchen because they try to instantiate a venv and poise races between system python and third-party python (ie. scl) resulting in things not functioning
      • i'd really like to get the kitchen stuff merged. i have patches to make both platforms work after the initial bits get merged
      • ubuntu works as-is, but centos needs love. i could not get the git version of tempest to work with c7, but packages work as well as can be expected with both ubuntu and centos
      • all configured tests pass
      • still have a lot of deprecations due to resource cloning
      • openstackgerrit
        Merged openstack/cookbook-openstack-integration-test master: Add recipes for kitchen testing https://review.openstack.org/502052
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        thanks calbers :D
      • calbers
        your welcome sc`
      • sc`
        i found several `case platform_family` in roughly half of the cookbooks. chef 13 says they need to be corrected, so i'm running some local tests
      • looks like 502053 didn't fire off merge job
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      • openstackgerrit
        Merged openstack/openstack-chef-repo master: Add support for kitchen testing https://review.openstack.org/502053
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      • Samuel Cassiba proposed openstack/cookbook-openstack-compute master: Initial compute Pike updates https://review.openstack.org/495564
      • Samuel Cassiba proposed openstack/openstack-chef-repo master: Initial repo Pike updates https://review.openstack.org/495567
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