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      • octobernewbie
        Hi there! I'm searching for pretty much the same functionality as this guy asked: https://octobercms.com/forum/post/does-octoberc...
      • Since our client needs to make changes that other people in the company need to approve, this is quite essential. Is there any way to achieve this?
      • alxy
        octobernewbie: which kind of content do you need revisions for?
      • for anything database related, there is: http://octobercms.com/docs/database/traits#revi...
      • octobernewbie
        Pages mainly. They would need to publish information for shareholders (e.g. add a financial report or change some numbers in a table) and need this to be checked by legal for correctness
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      • alxy
        Pages are really just files in october
      • Static.Pages you are talking of?
      • I personally would recommend to save this information in the database, as it is far easier to have a revision system for database files
      • There is no frontend for something like this yet, but it should be doable
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      • octobernewbie
        alxy: Thanks for the insight. Seems like October might not be the best option for this project as this is quite essential and we don't have the budget to develop custom functionality
      • alxy
        yeah you better go with wordpress then, as it has this as default functionality (and many other CMS do as well)
      • octobernewbie
        We actually try to get away from Wordpress since the sheer amount of plugins necessary has bloated the website and slows it down.
      • But other systems like Craft CMS look also promising. Do you have any recommendations?
      • alxy
        I d´dont build regular websites very often, I have a requirement for a backend management system, and this is where october excells in my eyes
      • So I havent tried too many other CMS unfortunatly
      • octobernewbie
        What would you consider a backend management system?
      • alxy
        Where I dont use the CMS functilanlity, but rather have the forms and lists for management purpose. Ive done a car retailer system, some amazon seller stuff and a simple CRM with october so far
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