• dcrier
        i was more about exiting vi but the ':' is missing
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      • PCatinean
        dcrier, hehe :))
      • I have a record rule that does obj.computed_o2m_to_employees 'in' user.employee_ids. I tried returning all sorts of values nothing works
      • in the search method of the computed_o2m
      • pbaeza
        the problem is that a one2many shouldn't be computed
      • make a computed many2many instead
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      • PCatinean
        pbaeza, ah really?
      • pbaeza
        Well, that can be one problem, but I don't know if it's the one you are hitting right now
      • Anyway, computed one2many are not supported, said by Raphael Collet, so results can be unpredictable
      • But computed many2many works the same
      • PCatinean
        the computed value seems to work, I only have to handle the search
      • I think it was computed value in combination with onchange maybe?
      • Like the New Object think
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