• raunov
        ok, nvm will try another way :)
      • Neo-- has quit
      • thought there's some easy way for that
      • Neo-- joined the channel
      • FRidh
        ertes-w: you can't always use the "url api" with .whl
      • its not supported by pypi
      • ertes-w
        yeah, i found a different package that does what i need, which comes with a regular .tar.gz
      • can't say that i know what i'm doing, but it works
      • turion
        tilpner: Ah good idea, but it says "chroot: der Befehl „/run/current-system/sw/bin/bash“ konnte nicht ausgeführt werden: No such file or directory"
      • Wait... is that a bug in the chroot config maybe?
      • tilpner
        Uhh, I don't know. It's probably easiest to just run nixos-install again, that way you don't need to figure out why this doesn't work