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      • (I found it in web.archive.org)
      • magnetophon
        The solution was to have "services.dbus.socketActivated = true;" in my config, as mentioned in https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/17943#i...
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      • orivej
        Havvy: it went to web archive. see also https://nixos.org/nixos/wiki.html
      • Havvy
        orivej: Right, but I couldn't find an equivalent page on the new wiki.
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      • orivej
        Havvy: the old wiki was not migrated and would have been lost (for the public) if not for web archive; but I don't know how it became discontinued, except I seem to remember that many articles were perceived obsolete and they were not going to be updated
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      • musteresel
        Hi. I'm getting ValueError('ZIP does not support timestamps before 1980') in a nix-build .. any ideas how to tackle it? Setting SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to a recent enough value or unsetting it does not have any effect. I'm building a uzbl.overrideAttrs with only the src changed (to a local git checkout).
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      • jeaye
        Just a guess, but `export TZ=UTC` in your builder might help.
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      • bgamari
        is there any way to avoid downloading artifacts twice when writing a new expression with stdenv.fetchurl?
      • e.g. once manually to hash it, then again with nix to insert it into the store
      • I have tried downloading it manually then using `nix add-to-store` to insert it into the store
      • but nix tries to download it again regardless
      • clever
        bgamari: yeah, there is a special mode, let me find it
      • bgamari
        nix-prefetch-url, perhaps?
      • musteresel
        jeaye: Didn't help, unfortunately. What confuses me most is that running nix-build --check for the original uzbl package from nixpkgs goes just fine. All I'm doing is changing the src attribute ..
      • clever
        bgamari: something better/more powerful
      • prefetch-url only works against urls
      • bgamari: nix-build -A hello.src --hash
      • crucialrhyme
        is there like a nixos-beginners channel or is this the place to ask dumb beginner questions?