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      • earldouglas
        My nixops deployment appears to be stuck on "copying path '/nix/store...docker...' from 'https://cache.nixos.org'...
      • Is there a way to investigate what's wrong? E.g. is it a network problem?
      • clever
        elvishjerricco: is aws involved?
      • elvishjerricco
        clever: you talking to me?
      • clever
      • earldouglas: is aws and a vpc involved?
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      • hlolli
        I need to provide two seperate BusID values to two different video drivers, could I replace this stuff here somehow without going wild? https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/ni...
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      • ah wait, nevermind
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      • ivan
        earldouglas: there's a thing that cache.nixos.org does where it sends files at about ~70KB/s sometimes, it could be that
      • you can look at dstat
      • NOTICE: [nix] @ElvishJerricco opened pull request #2452 → Fix overflow when verifying signatures of content addressable paths → https://git.io/fAxaJ
      • or iftop I guess
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      • Jmabsd
        Which Linux distribution(s) are in your mind the least crap?
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      • Re NixOS, their default download URL contains only AMD64 builds, = a joke?
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      • Yaniel
      • x86_64 is also called amd64
      • because hysterical raisins
      • Ralith
        if they weren't so hystrical they might make better decisions
      • but them's the breaks
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      • Jmabsd
        Yaniel,Ralith: There are about 7 relevant CPU architectures.
      • Finding only ONE available prebuilt, which is the CRAPPIEST of all of them, is a great surprise
      • clever
        Jmabsd: 32bit x86 is also prebuilt
      • Jmabsd
        The Linux kernel itself has crap problems enough, so running a fairly crap kernel on ultra-crap CPU:s only, well.
      • Anyhow I see you're at another phase in the design process where CPU arch hasn't mattered so much so you just took commodity hardware, however, a grown up child knows more archs.
      • Yaniel
        that's a lot of salt for someone who just joined the channel
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      • Jmabsd
        Yaniel: yes sorry. i was looking around for any Linux distributions to migrate to.
      • bbl.
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      • Yaniel
        ...then mayyyybe you should also mention what special requirements you have
      • samueldr
      • emily
        gj feeding the troll
      • samueldr
        anyone up for the Z80 with 68k co-processor port? (jk)
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      • ADD_Sidekick
        So how is SElinux on NixOS these days? Still taking a back seat to apparmor and gsecurity?
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      • hakujin
        what am I doing wrong here? I want to install `nix-prefetch-git`. I'm on macOS mojave. I had a multi-user install but axed it in favor of a single user reinstall due to the mojave nonsense. when I run `nix-shell -p nix-prefetch-git` I build like all of clang, cmake, and a zillion other things (hours) before failing during building nix itself
      • error: `make: *** [mk/tests.mk:12: installcheck] Error 1` on `builder for '/nix/store/djlq3x3m31zaa4d5mcxm8qhijgfzgkna-nix-2.1.2.drv' failed with exit code 2`
      • elvishjerricco
        hakujin: Sounds like you're not using cache.nixos.org for some reason
      • (also, I'm curious, what was wrong with multi-user on mojave?)]
      • hakujin
        yep appears that way
      • elvishjerricco
        hakujin: Does cache.nixos.org appear in `/etc/nix/nix.conf`?
      • hakujin
        elvishjerricco: this is the error re: multi-user https://gist.github.com/hakujin/44a1b3bd359a8b2...
      • elvishjerricco: hmm. `/etc/nix` doesn't exist in my install
      • elvishjerricco
        hakujin: Huh. What do you get with `nix show-config`?
      • clever
        hakujin: nix show-config | egrep 'substituters|trusted-public-keys'
      • hakujin
      • clever: substituters does appear in the output
      • clever
        lines 57 and 62 show that the nixos cache is configured correctly
      • elvishjerricco
        Yea that's weird
      • clever
        hakujin: what does `nix-instantiate --find-file nixpkgs` return?
      • hakujin
      • clever
        should be good
      • hakujin
        nix is using the unstable channel
      • is their some combo of mojave + unstable leading to recompiling everything?
      • s/their/there
      • clever
        clang should still be in the cache
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      • hakujin
        clever: I'm happy to eradicate my (non-functional, ish) current install in favor of starting over. would lingering bits of multi-user interact strangely with a new single-user install?
      • elvishjerricco
        hakujin: What happens when you run `nix ping-store --store https://cache.nixos.org`?
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      • hakujin
        ah, hmm
      • elvishjerricco
        hakujin: Also, check that there's no `~/.config/nix/nix.conf` file
      • hakujin
        `error: executing SQLite statement 'delete from NARs where ((present = 0 and timestamp < ?) or (present = 1 and timestamp < ?))': attempt to write a readonly database (in '/Users/hakujin/.cache/nix/binary-cache-v5.sqlite')`
      • elvishjerricco
      • hakujin: `rm -r ~/.cache/nix` :P
      • clever
        it sounds like you ran something with sudo, and darwin was nice enough to leave $HOME unchanged
      • so now root owns your cache!
      • hakujin
      • yeah, immediate success
      • thanks!
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