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Help for #mcpedevs


I can leave messages for users who are offline. To have me send a message to your colleague MrTaubyPants on your behalf when he comes online, ask me in this format:

[d__d]: message MrTaubyPants Message you want to leave.


Logs all activity.

I keep extensive logs on all the activity in #mcpedevs. You can read and search them at https://botbot.me/freenode/mcpedevs/.


Simple ping test.

Curious if I'm still listening? If you say:

[d__d]: ping

I'll reply to let you know I'm still here.


Shows available plugins and descriptions.

Simply ask for help and I'll gladly tell you what I'm capable of:

[d__d]: help

For further details, you can ask me about a specific plugin:

[d__d]: help images


Notifies people of the excellent work they are doing.

Let me know who is doing good work:

!m [d__d]

And I will promptly notify them:

You are doing good work [d__d]



Github issue lookup

Looking for the url of an issue or a list of issue:


Note: The lookup is limited to 5 issues.


Remembers and recalls arbitrary information.

To have me remember something for you, ask me in this format:

[d__d]: thing you remember = thing I need to remember

When you want me to recall the information, ask me in this format:

[d__d]: thing you remember?

I will prompty respond to your request with:

thing I need to remember