• InusualZ
        Happy New Years
      • :)
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      • gurun
        yawkat, if you mean the chain, something changed a while back, but MiNET self-adjusted.
      • yawkat
        No I mean packet encryption
      • Meh, I'll fiddle with it a bit more.
      • gurun
        "signature mismatch" .. on what?
      • the first encrypted package you mean?
      • yawkat
        The sha256 signature on a packet
      • Yea
      • Checksum rather.
      • gurun
        oh, that low level. Nah, i haven't changed anything around that since first implementation.
      • yawkat
        Oh well, thanks
      • gurun
        that doesn
      • doesn't mean it didn't change. Could also be some low level shit that changed, and .NET adjusted automatically for me.
      • yawkat
        do you use "RANDOM SECRET" as the challenge for all clients or am i missing something? :P
      • im looking at my chain code but i dont see any immediate issue. is the client public key still just the json identityPublicKey of the last item in the chain?
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