• NOTICE: [13loot] 15RvR364 opened issue #995: LOOT won't sort my load for Skyrim Special Edition, copy&paste of the DebugLog 02https://git.io/fNhSO
      • NOTICE: [13loot] 15confuded opened issue #996: Lack of full CR LF in plugins.txt causes Skyrim VR not to load mods 02https://git.io/fNh9Q
      • NOTICE: [13loot] 15RvR364 commented on issue #995: Apologies, found the issue turns out it was that plugin KJ Lore Tattoo 02https://git.io/fNhHs
      • NOTICE: [13loot] 15WrinklyNinja commented on issue #973: OK, closing this then. 02https://git.io/fNjDS
      • NOTICE: [13loot] 15WrinklyNinja commented on issue #996: This hasn't been an issue for any other game, no other Skyrim VR issues have reported issues, and when I added support I got confirmation it was working, so either this was a recent change or something else is going on. Can you upload the plugins.txt files, one that works and one that doesn't? 02https://git.io/fNjyB