• inclement
        Aritodo: No, I just assumed it didn't
      • Aritodo
      • inclement
        But I assumed that because I had no real idea, not because it's really surprising
      • Ou42
        I kept thinking the button that was calling Popup.open was fading in/out & kept looking at the hex address, but it's the 'veil' that making the Popup more prominent that's actually fading.
      • inclement: tyvm. I at least, for the moment, have understanding! https://github.com/kivy/kivy/blob/7d07fec08fb3a...
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      • Aritodo
        inclement: ok, i made a pull request hopefully i did it correctly
      • wasnt quite sure what to do about needing to edit files from two repositories tho
      • in other news, i managed to get my other project (python3crystax-based app with ffpyplayer) working too, im on a ROLL, heh
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      • inclement
        Aritodo: Great, I'll try to take a look at it soon
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