• cruor99
        once you've created the proper distribution, it should be ezpz
      • I've had great success with just distributing a zip with pyinstaller, though :)
      • dolang
        i did it once. once i got it to work, the most problematic thing was that i packaged a 64bit python and the other guy's laptop was 32bit ^^
      • cruor99
        those still exist?
      • I'm surprised
      • dolang
        they're on the way out, mostly
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      • Creed_
        Anyone here know of a nice package or something to the sorts to accomplish a material-ui design? I have found KivyMD, but I still would like to here some opinions.
      • cruor99
        KivyMD is stellar
      • use it extensively
      • but generally I don't thinkt here's a lot of "widget packages" around
      • Creed_
        Alright thanks. I will give KivyMD a try.
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      • cruor99
        the package on pypi is horribly out of date, by the way
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      • tshirtman
        pennTeller: it's not msi, just setup.exe, but i use innosetup to package the result of pyinstaller
      • pennTeller
        tshirtman, so whatever py installer innosetup turns into an installer?
      • tshirtman
        yes, you tell it to package what's in your dist directory, and you get a setup.exe that will install that
      • it has a simple config file, which can do a lot of nice things like pre and post install tasks, and can be extended with pascal/delphi (yeah, urgh) if needed, though i never had to reach for that
      • if you are on linux and want something simple to build windows dist/installer, i have a docker image with mingw64/pyinstaller and innosetup, i use that now to package all our apps at work (when windows is a target, of course)
      • yesac_
        I would be interested in that
      • where can I subscribe to your news letter?
      • pennTeller
        tshirtman, oh awesome man! thanks
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      • cruor99
        Wait you can do that, tshirtman? I would fucking LOVE that dockerfile :3