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      • dolang
        matham: i forgot. i even listed the appveyor problem in a gist: https://gist.github.com/dolang/a105e8c809979628... (after putting this list together i started creating more vms with ansible playbooks)
      • it has 2 links to potential fixes
      • not sure if they're applicable to kivy, though, i've not much of a clue here
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      • dolang
        just noticed py3.3 is still in setup.py. should probably be removed now as supported version?
      • inclement
        Oh, are we using something 3.4+ only?
      • dolang
        well, i can only speak for myself, but i've uninstalled py3.3 a while ago. i'm not sure anymore but it might've been that it was discouraged to use it for some reason. but the real reason: it was also dropped from the manylinux supported versions, i think support is generally done
      • so should probably be removed for 1.11
      • inclement
        Seems fair then
      • dolang
        also, i didn't even know it was there until now, i never tested it anywhere ^^
      • i guess it's not just setup.py
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      • dolang
        hope i caught them all
      • i didn't check any of the other projects yet. are there going to be releases for them, too?
      • inclement
        We don't usually specifically track Kivy releases
      • I want to do one for p4a now though
      • dolang
        i looked around a bit and found one in the sdk-packager, but that needs a 1.10.1 first
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      • and yeah, if you don't track kivy in the other projects that are not directly tied to it: py33 EOL was 2017-09-29. i put links in the PR
      • could drop it already if you wanted to
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      • matham
        tshirtman, dropped for support for both 3.3 and 3.4 from master
      • dolang, that mesa may work, not sure
      • but it'd have to be a drop in replacement for windows gl driver
      • we didn't make any packages for 1.10.1 for 3.3 and 3.4
      • dolang
        btw, i recently looked for a way to run kivy over remote desktop, and mesa and its software renderer was one of the things i've found. the other was ANGLE and directx 11 software rendering, i think?
      • haven't tried either so far, though
      • and yeah i saw that there are no packages in the CI scripts. there's one ref to py33 in the PPA though
      • on another note: do some source packages need to be tested now for 1.10.1?
      • matham
        angle won't help on appveyor because angle requires direct3d driver version that are also not on appveyor, so even with angle, gl is too low
      • you'd need something that increases the driver version, like a software renderer that you linked
      • I'm not sure. We mainly test the wheels
      • but I was never involved in the linux packages release
      • dolang
        funny that that's still such a problem. opengl 2.0 is so old, and CPUs are certainly powerful enough these days to emulate the simpler stuff. it'd still not even be possible to play an opengl based tetris over RDP like this
      • tshirtman
        matham: cool :)
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