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      • apiarian
        dyce_: viper + cobra!
      • because, of course, this would be written in go, right =]
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      • TOPIC: Update to v0.4.2, the v03x network's EOL/end-of-life approaches: July 7th -- IPFS - InterPlanetary File System -- https://github.com/ipfs/ipfs -- FAQ: https://git.io/voEh8 -- Channel logs: https://botbot.me/freenode/ipfs/ -- Code of Conduct: https://git.io/vVBS0 -- Sprints: https://git.io/voEAh
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      • lgierth
        whyrusleeping: you know i'm going to go an pin a few TB on nihal now just to test the migration, right? :D
      • davidar: do you have a list of hashes of your stuff on biham for me to pin on nihal?
      • actually scratch that, i'm gonna move only registry-mirror
      • dyce_
        apiarian: haha actually im a python guy. and I am checking out Nim
      • Nim because after hearing that ipfs cannot be compiled with gccgo i thought that Go wasnt truly portable
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      • like mips32 openwrt devices
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      • its a no go :)
      • lgierth
        you can do it using the go toolchain
      • dyce_
        oh, so is that manually compiling go for your architecture?
      • lgierth
        which doesn't integrate nicely with the lede/openwrt build environment, but i'm hearing it's on lede's radar
      • no, go cross-compiling your project for another arch
      • whyrusleeping
        lgierth: do it pls!
      • lgierth
        (which of course means you could compile go itself for mips, but who really wants to do that)
      • dyce_
        go get ipfs would work then right?
      • lgierth
        it's `make install` nowadays, but yes, go get would work
      • dyce_
        oh lol
      • lgierth
        daviddias: is your ipfs node on biham functional?
      • dyce_
        ill probably learn go someday, but i gotta help the underdog Nim for now
      • lgierth
        whyrusleeping: yes yes, i will once this ipns record resolves *duck*
      • whyrusleeping
      • you cut me deep
      • ipns is fast!
      • lgierth
        this one: /ipns/QmToeN85brexqyXUnWnKfHFqhvucJPViw9AxQQkjLoULy4
      • it's on biham though, which is out-of-space
      • so who knows what it's doing
      • (it didn't crash though)
      • dyce_
        i assume each node doesnt contain the entire ipns cache
      • so you have to traverse some?
      • whyrusleeping
        lgierth: no records for that ipns name exist on the network
      • the publisher is likely not online
      • lgierth
        yeah trying to get a peek into its :5001
      • whyrusleeping
        or maybe it is
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      • lgierth
        which is not :5001 of course
      • whyrusleeping
        not sure whats going on there
      • who is that?
      • lgierth
        david's registry-mirror node from the pre-v04x days
      • whyrusleeping
      • lgierth
        i wanna move that dag to nihal, then david can free up some space on biham
      • whyrusleeping
        youre a dag
      • lgierth
        oooh while i was mumbling about p2p github/gitlab earlier... we could look into integrating that golang git webui thing with ipfs
      • what's it called again, gogs?
      • whyrusleeping
        i think so, yeah
      • lgierth: migration my 1.5GB repo on SSD took 1.9 seconds
      • lgierth
        gitlab integration will be <3 too of course, but ideally we'll get away from central services, and toward things that can easily be run locally
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      • shadoxx
        gitlab integration? :D
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      • ipfsbot
        [13go-ipfs] 15whyrusleeping created 06feat/repo-verify (+1 new commit): 02https://git.io/vohXd
      • 13go-ipfs/06feat/repo-verify 148a9f4af 15Jeromy: add repo verify command...
      • [13go-ipfs] 15whyrusleeping opened pull request #2924: add repo verify command (06master...06feat/repo-verify) 02https://git.io/vohXp
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      • lgierth
        whyrusleeping: damn i crashed it -- now i *really* need to clean up
      • davidar
        lgierth: o/
      • lgierth
        hey davidar
      • is it cool to run GC on biham?
      • everything pinned?
      • davidar
        yeah, that should be fine
      • lgierth
        cool, it might be crunching for a long while
      • any disk access makes it slower
      • davidar
      • lgierth: any chance you could quickly take care of https://github.com/ipfs/infrastructure/issues/172 in the meantime? :)
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      • lgierth
        sure! (haven't completely worked through my github backlog yet)
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      • TOPIC: Update to v0.4.2, the v03x network's EOL/end-of-life approaches: June 30th -- IPFS - InterPlanetary File System -- https://git.io/vVBS8 -- FAQ: https://git.io/voEh8 -- Channel logs: https://botbot.me/freenode/ipfs/ -- Code of Conduct: https://git.io/vVBS0 -- Sprints: https://git.io/voEAh
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      • davidar: ok -- also changed it to a CNAME pointing to gateway.ipfs.io
      • so there might be a hickup or two for the next few minutes
      • whoa there are ~1500 people in #ipfs and matrix:#ipfs combined
      • test
      • davidar: can it somehow get us to the #ipfs view by default?
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      • davidar
      • lgierth
      • *nice
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      • whyrusleeping
        lgierth: what did you do?
      • lgierth
        no idea -- it was a 0.4.1-de6c65b running for weeks
      • it couldn't resolve its own ipns record
      • not even list its peers
      • daviddias: could you update your ipfs node on biham, before i start pinning the thing on nihal?
      • daviddias: to latest master
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      • alright, going to bed
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      • davidar
        thanks lgierth, night :)
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      • lgierth
        whyrusleeping: nooo -- gc on biham finished scanning, then Error: merkledag: not found
      • what was that? create the empty object, something like tht?