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      • voxelot
        ipfsrocks: looks like that error references a module used by multiaddr, so it would be up to the 'ip' module to push a fix for that
      • unless you are referencing the id shadow error and not ip.mask
      • M-Nickfost
        you know what would be an amazing product? pfsense addon for running an IPFS gateway
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      • ipfsbot
        [13go-ipfs] 15whyrusleeping pushed 5 new commits to 06master: 02https://git.io/v2KCg
      • 13go-ipfs/06master 140afbd18 15Stephen Whitmore: Prevents 'ipfs name publish' when /ipns is mounted....
      • 13go-ipfs/06master 14b4bd604 15Stephen Whitmore: uses iptb exclusively for mount-publish test...
      • 13go-ipfs/06master 14b66e089 15Stephen Whitmore: trailing whitespace...
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      • [13go-ipfs] 15whyrusleeping 04force-pushed 06feat/saving-deps-in-git-is-for-quitters-and-i-guess-i-am-a-quitter from 14a4dfa6b to 140a034fd: 02https://git.io/v2KWv
      • 13go-ipfs/06feat/saving-deps-in-git-is-for-quitters-and-i-guess-i-am-a-quitter 140a034fd 15Jeromy Johnson: Save gx dependencies into vendor/ folder...
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      • [13go-ipfs] 15whyrusleeping pushed 1 new commit to 06feat/saving-deps-in-git-is-for-quitters-and-i-guess-i-am-a-quitter: 02https://git.io/v2KWC
      • 13go-ipfs/06feat/saving-deps-in-git-is-for-quitters-and-i-guess-i-am-a-quitter 1425b9da6 15Jeromy: set vendor variable...
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      • [13go-ipfs] 15whyrusleeping pushed 2 new commits to 06master: 02https://git.io/v2KWi
      • 13go-ipfs/06master 144492b8c 15Stephen Whitmore: Makes 'ipfs files write' usage docs clearer....
      • 13go-ipfs/06master 14cdddf0f 15Jeromy Johnson: Merge pull request #2403 from noffle/ipfs-files-truncate...
      • [13go-ipfs] 15whyrusleeping created 06fix/appveyor-more (+1 new commit): 02https://git.io/v2KWy
      • 13go-ipfs/06fix/appveyor-more 14fd254e7 15Jeromy: update appveyor go version...
      • [13go-ipfs] 15whyrusleeping opened pull request #2419: update appveyor go version (06master...06fix/appveyor-more) 02https://git.io/v2KW5
      • whyrusleeping
        M-Nickfost: that would be pretty cool to have
      • noffle
        whyrusleeping: c-c-commit combo
      • whyrusleeping
        although i cant say i've ever messed around with pfsense addons, i've always just set up the box and ignored it (it just works so well, no need to poke it)
      • noffle: lol
      • i'm pushing through all the code thats waiting!
      • trying to get as much of it looked at as i can
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      • M-Nickfost
        this would be the caching i was looking for when i set it up. i found out that pfsense does a horrible job caching because i don't want to put a cert on every machine.
      • this would be the caching i was looking for when i set it up. i found out that pfsense does a horrible job caching because i don't want to put a cert on every machine.
      • fml
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      • ipfsbot
        [13js-ipfs-api] 15dignifiedquire created 06greenkeeper-babel-runtime-6.6.1 (+1 new commit): 02https://git.io/v2K8A
      • 13js-ipfs-api/06greenkeeper-babel-runtime-6.6.1 141349356 15greenkeeperio-bot: chore(package): update babel-runtime to version 6.6.1...
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      • whyrusleeping
        M-Nickfost: hrm... i've never tried router/firewall level caching. seems like a really cool idea though
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      • ipfsbot
        [13go-ipfs] 15whyrusleeping 04force-pushed 06fix/appveyor-more from 14fd254e7 to 14136f787: 02https://git.io/v2KBG
      • 13go-ipfs/06fix/appveyor-more 14136f787 15Jeromy: update appveyor go version...
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      • alu
        M-Nickfost [blood rave music intensifies]
      • oh fuck his name wasnt nick frost, sorry wrong character
      • M-Nickfost
      • whyrusleeping
        i totally thought it was nick frost too
      • M-Nickfost
      • ianopolous3 is now known as ianopolous
      • whyrusleeping
      • M-Nickfost: i wont make that mistake again!
      • ianopolous: glad to see you've killed off your clones ;)
      • ianopolous
      • they made my work progress much faster though ;-)
      • whyrusleeping
        mmm... fair enough
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      • slothbag
        welcome back whyrusleeping, i submitted a "one liner" pull request for gx https://github.com/whyrusleeping/gx/pull/42 It fixes a critical error for me
      • ipfsbot
        [13js-ipfs-api] 15dignifiedquire 04deleted 06greenkeeper-babel-runtime-6.6.1 at 141349356: 02https://git.io/v2KaM
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      • [13webui] 15greenkeeperio-bot opened pull request #263: babel-runtime@6.6.1 breaks build 🚨 (06master...06greenkeeper-babel-runtime-6.6.1) 02https://git.io/v2KVl
      • [13webui] 15greenkeeperio-bot opened pull request #264: babel-polyfill@6.6.1 breaks build 🚨 (06master...06greenkeeper-babel-polyfill-6.6.1) 02https://git.io/v2KVK
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      • ipfsrocks
        thanks voxelot: found a fix in the repo
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      • dyce_
        would ethereum be considered the decentralized restful api?
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      • ipfsbot
        [13go-ipfs] 15mildred created 06ipld (+11 new commits): 02https://git.io/v26tx
      • 13go-ipfs/06ipld 145808fe2 15Mildred Ki'Lya: Remove usage of merkledag.Link.Node pointer outside of merkledag...
      • 13go-ipfs/06ipld 141f820dc 15Mildred Ki'Lya: path/resolver.go: Handle timeout here...
      • 13go-ipfs/06ipld 143b729b2 15Mildred Ki'Lya: merkledag: Make Node.Unmarshal() private...
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