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      • PCatinean
        Anyone here using gitlab with docker?
      • Gritt
        This is driving me nuts to get this email setup.
      • enagy
        People, does anyone else viewing css errors after upgrading omnibus from 8.17.4 to 9.0 ?
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      • cedric_
        Gritt no i m using registry on localhost:5000 gitlab is on localhost too
      • but i can login into my registry with my gitlab ids
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      • i dont understand why port 80 refused access
      • because git clone is lauched inside a container ??
      • mauritslamers
        cedric_: what kind of container?
      • is it a docker container, lxd?
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      • cedric_: are you running under linux?
      • cedric_
      • ubuntu
      • mauritslamers
        did you check whether something is already running on port 80?
      • cedric_
        i tm talking about gitlab runner which build container to clone my project into
      • mauritslamers
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      • under which user is it running? because there are certain ports which are reserved for system roles
      • Chrisfu
        Hey guys. I've got a really quick question with regards to incoming webhook payloads and GitLab CI. I've searched through the documentation and haven't yet found a way to make use of these payloads. Essentially my CI pipeline job validates code and then performs a build. Thing is, it needs to happen conditionally dependant on the branch of the repo that the webhook came from, as well as the repo name itself as there are two external repo's
      • that send webhooks into my Gitlab repo.
      • Gritt
        And I feel like an idiot for not being able to get the e-mails working =D
      • Chrisfu
        Any suggestions on where to look would be appreciated. Would be a shame if webhook payloads were essentially discarded by Gitlab CI.
      • Gritt
        That would be =(
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      • cedric_
        how can i see which user run gitlab-runner ?
      • sudo gitlab-runner --debug run
      • it s root ?
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      • Gritt
        Does anyone have working mailgun config?
      • cedric_
      • Gritt
        Or any email config
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      • I'm going nuts. Started from scratch, read the docs, did exactly as they said, nothing.
      • cedric_
        me too :)
      • pluszak
        cedric_: you want to know what user run a command on a local machine?
      • Gritt
        Postfix doesn't even recognise the gitlab emails .Arugh
      • Aurgh!
      • cedric_
        pluzak: i m talking about gitlab runner which build container to clone my project into
      • i have connection refused on localhost:80
      • im trying to understand this ***cking problem :)
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      • tymik
        cedric_: may be a silly question, but have you tried telnet localhost 80?
      • cedric_
        nop but i dud it and it s ok
      • did
      • gitlab is on localhost and i can access to the interface
      • the problem come when runner is launched
      • on push per example
      • Gritt
        So you are able to get it all working
      • But once you run the runner it blows up
      • So, when you say push, pushing your commits to it or?
      • tymik
        i've seen in docs that runner on same host as gitlab is not recommended (FYI)
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      • Gritt
        I think I recall seeing that too.
      • Just like how running not as a subdomain is still expiremental.
      • cedric_
        yep push commit or manually run a job
      • ok
      • precisely gitlab interface is in http://gitlab.dev host
      • how can i change runner domain ?
      • when configuring registry fir gitlab ?
      • with gitlab-ci-multi-runner register ??
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      • thansen
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      • Gritt
      • cedric_ you still around?
      • "We strongly advise against installing GitLab Runner on the same machine you plan to install GitLab on. Depending on how you decide to configure GitLab Runner and what tools you use to exercise your application in the CI environment, GitLab Runner can consume significant amount of available memory."
      • fixl
        building node.js apps with gitlab ci and caching of node_modules is a dog -.-
      • Gritt
        Trying to get the emails working is a dog =P
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      • dblessing
        Gritt Are you trying to use postfix or smtp?
      • Gritt
        I tried both
      • I added the SMTP lines to the Gitlab config
      • And I tried using Postfix configured.
      • I can manually send mails out so I know that the ports are not blocked.
      • I just got rid of Postfix and am trying Sendmail now.
      • I can't get Gitlab to communicate with it at all.
      • But Gitlab's SMTP lines should be sufficient right?
      • dblessing
      • dblessing
        Gritt Postfix provides sendmail
      • Assuming `sendmail` command works successfully, remove `smtp_enable` or set to false in gitlab.rb and it should work
      • Gritt
        that is what I thought.
      • dblessing
        Did you find the mail debug page that has the handy test command?
      • Gritt
        ok, hold on. I have to set configure postfix then.
      • I believe I did.
      • It was that short one correcT? Just the 1 line
      • dblessing
      • Gritt
        No, actually I didn't see that.
      • dblessing
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      • Gritt
        How did I even miss this.
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      • Is that only for enterprise edition though?
      • dblessing
        Nope, works for CE, too
      • Gritt
        Geeeee this would've made my life easier.
      • SMTP is what it says, time to disable it, get postfix back, get that back onto my test gmail account and then go from there.
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      • Been looking through all of the CE documentation.
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      • Ok great, pointing to it now.
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      • Nilium
        Anyone had any particularly bad experiences upgrading from 8.17 to 9.0 (EE, but probably no difference there)
      • +?
      • dblessing
        Nilium Most upgrades I've seen have been smooth. The exception is EE customers using Elasticsearch
      • Nilium
        Yeah, I knew about that one though
      • dblessing
        What other issues are you having?
      • Nilium
        None, just asking in case of regressions to be aware of
      • I postpone all of our GitLab upgrades until a few days after the release to ensure we don't walk into anything that'd affect us
      • Since not every regression affects everyone
      • Also means I can use the weekend, in this case, to set up ES and sort of give everyone a nice surprise on Monday.
      • dblessing
      • Nilium
        Since that was really high up on why we moved to EE
      • After growing to about 800 or 900 repos, keeping track of stuff was tricky
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      • cedric_
        Gritt - Thanks for information but i m on local machine with 16 go ram, it s ok for the POC :)
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      • Gritt
        cedric_ then you should be fine
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      • Nilium when I was apart of the audio world, people post poned jumping onto new products for 2 years =P