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      • tangothefrog
        FreePBX v13 (and above) assigns port 5060 (UDP) to Chan_PJSIP and port 5160 (UDP) to Chan_SIP. You MUST USE THE PROPER PORT for the channel driver you create extensions/trunks with. You can modify which ports each channel driver uses in Asterisk SIP Settings. *CHANGING PORTS REQUIRES A FWCONSOLE RESTART*
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      • Samot
        Also, in regards to SIP, 5060 is the "default" port.
      • So if you're SIP host doesn't have a port attached, it will automatically use 5060
      • Regardless of what the other side is actually listening on.
      • sip.domain.com ends up being sip.domain.com:5060
      • That has nothing to do with Asterisk itself
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        He left
      • Samot
        I wasn't talking to him.
      • 7:49:43 PM <nicholosophy> I use Zoiper and know that by default it will connect on 5600 and use pjsip
      • ^^ That statement is complete incorrect.
      • Zoiper doesn't know the difference between Chan_SIP and Chan_PJSIP.
      • It's SIP
      • Period.
      • And if no port is attached, it assumes 5060
      • Because SIP URIs require a port
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      • MarioBranco; Are you still not able to register your extensions?
      • MarioBranco
      • i gonna restart and see if it works
      • Samot
      • Damn it.
      • drmessano
      • Samot
        I love when a simple issue results in server reboots for no reason.
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      • drmessano
        I wanna know what he rebooted
      • He rebooted and parted
      • Desktop?
      • Did he install desktop on his PBX? lol
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      • nicholosophy
        Samot: I'm aware I mistyped the port. And I'm also aware that sip assumes 5060, which is what I meant by "by default". As for the pjsip bit, my error.
      • drmessano
        He also said your mom smells
      • Wait, no
      • nicholosophy
        Well she has a nose, so presumably she does
      • anyway the more I fsck up the more I'll learn I suppose.
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      • drmessano
        So Playboy has this story right now "First date? Third date? When should you start having sex?"
      • Well
      • "After she shows you her PBX"
      • Because really, what is more important?
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