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      • just trying to figure out why the F the sipstation module things my "Network IP" isnt the same as my "Contact IP"
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        Please click on this link, and follow the instructions: http://pastebin.freepbx.org/view/raw/66b9a3e8
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        enable SIP debug
      • and show a call
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        Hi all: I've got a FreePBX server that's been in production for a while. I was asked to upgrade two extensions and reassign those phones to a new extension.
      • I am licensed for Endpoint Manager.
      • I deleted the extension mapping for these extensions, then re-added the MAC at a new address.
      • Initially the deleted extension was available in the add extension box, but after adding it, I noticed it did not appear in the list of extension mappings nor did it appear in the unassigned extension drop-down.
      • And the new phone isn't provisioning. In the extension settings page, if I scroll down to endpoint, it had "account 1" selected, but the mac and brand were blank. I set them manually, saved the extension, then scrolled back (even before applying settings), and they were blank again.
      • It seems like I cannot assign these two extensions to an endpoint anymore.
      • Like there's some bad data in the database or something.
      • any suggestions?
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