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        I'd like to integrate PostCSS with a dojo build (i.e. use it to minify/transform the CSS files, instead of using "cssOptimize":"comments")...
      • But I'm running into a problem -- it seems there are problems with doing it either before or after the dojo build:
      • - before the build: will replace existing CSS files in the /src directory, unless I do copy/rename/delete/rename (which would be problematic if it gets interrupted)
      • - after the build: minified CSS files won't have been packaged into build layers when required via "xstyle/css!./path/to/file.css"
      • So it seems this has to be done during the dojo build, at the same time cssOptimize normally runs.
      • ... is there a simple way of configuring that, or do I need to rewrite the local copy of /util/build/transforms/optimizeCss.js?
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