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      • DevAntoine
        gebbione: I'm on the page already ;D
      • gebbione
        then just spin things ... why are you obsessed by "minimum"?
      • DevAntoine
        gebbione: I'm writing a readme :)
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      • gebbione
        that says nothing, what are you documenting? Have you run the get started tutorials? Whats the purpose?
      • ultimately what is your real objective/task
      • lkthomas
        what's the most stupid way to keep container running ?
      • I need container to be fully function like a full OS
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      • nukeu666
        it will run till it has something to do, attach a shell to it to keep it running
      • exec -it /bin/bash
      • lkthomas
        that's what I did
      • and it exited
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      • gebbione
        lkthomas, why do you need it to run ? if you just need to run a command do an exec (it is not the same as running a container with command bash)
      • there is a difference between a docker run and docker exec
      • if you just need an OS and then you continuously exec in the container to do random things you are misusing docker
      • docker is not meant to run machines ... it is meant to run processes ...
      • lkthomas
      • gebbione
        so if your process is a one off like bash you just run `bash something something`
      • lkthomas
        those something could be not exists ?
      • gebbione
        or if you need to run a long term daemon like nginx etc then you run those
      • run nginx
      • infant there is a way to run sh contionously
      • i just dont remember
      • sed /infant/indeed/
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      • joekeilty
        When using Docker in a CI/CD set up, in your docker-compose.yml files do you use build: or image: ? Because I'll be building and tagging images within CI
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      • lkthomas
      • default centos image doesn't have sshd ?
      • artok
        why should container have sshd?
      • by default, that is
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