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      • enderland
        is there a way with docker-compose to reference and start all of another file's services? sort of like extends, but more like "start everything in this docker-compose.yml"?
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      • MTecknology
        programmerq: could you ever see yourself converting nearly an entire DC to docker or do you think docker is for specific cases?
      • programmerq
        MTecknology▸ there are plenty of examples of large companies that have done that.
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      • MTecknology
        that answer both scares and comforts me
      • programmerq
        MTecknology▸ there's nothing that says that if you want to use docker, you *must* use the 'docker service' interface.
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      • 'docker run' is still very valid, and you can arguably get more control over "this thing that needs that storage stuff must go here"
      • MTecknology
        The less control these guys have, the better
      • programmerq
        most DB servers I've worked with definitely need some definite "this DB needs *this* storage *here*"
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      • and technically, you can do that with a docker service-- force a replica count of one, and give it a specific node and mount.
      • but if that's how you're using a service, what are you getting over a regular 'docker run' ?
      • hehnope
        for entrypoint, what does " configure a container that will run as an executable" mean? Aren't they all executables?
      • programmerq
        both are valid
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      • hehnope▸ basically, instead of expecting a command to run, you can use ENTRYPOINT to cause a container to always act as that specific command/executable. then anything you pass as the "command" will get passed on as an argument to that entrypoint.
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      • hehnope▸ docker run --entrypoint /bin/echo alpine hello world
      • I'm not running a command "hello", even though the command I passed in was "hello world"
      • echo handles the arguments when /bin/echo is my entrypoint
      • I could have a sed image that has sed as an entrypoint
      • echo foo | docker run --rm -i mysedimage s/foo/bar/g
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      • and that image would act like the sed command
      • hehnope
        hm, so how is that different than docker run?
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      • programmerq
        hehnope▸ basically, an entrypoint is an optional way to modify the behavior of a container.
      • hehnope▸ any time a container is run, docker will run <entrypoint> <command>
      • if entrypoint is null, then it just runs <command>
      • it's common to use a script as the entrypoint so things like sanity checks or first run logic can happen before the actual command is run.
      • hehnope
        I think I may get it; ENTRYPOINT is used to set an "entrypoint" for the type of container; so if it was 'redis-server'; it would use that, but you have option to pass switches via docker run, correct?
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      • programmerq
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      • hehnope
        looking at this example; https://www.ctl.io/developers/blog/post/dockerf... when does CMD get overridden? Is it just when you specify `[COMMAND]` in docker run ?
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      • ada
        `docker run [command]`
      • if ENTRYPOINT & CMD are both set, then CMD gets appended to the ENTRYPOINT
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      • and functions as sort of a "default arguments list" to the ENTRYPOINT
      • hehnope
        kk, it all makes sense now; testing with dockerfile I've been working on
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