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      • rrva
        if I want to start a background process in an already running container, will docker exec work?
      • like "docker exec <container> some-command-which-backgrounds"
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      • sgudavalli
        newbie.. running docker on my mac
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      • having trouble accessing ports from outside.. any pointers
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      • frostyglitch
        i'm having trouble connecting to a mattermost container from a pc that's on the same network - not sure what I need to do
      • works fine connecting to it from the same pc the vm is on
      • no firewall is active
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      • phatypus
        frostyglitch what way did you map the port on the container?
      • -p 1234:1234 or something like -p IP:1234:1234 ?
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      • frostyglitch
        docker run --name mattermost-dev -d --publish 8065:80 mattermost/platform:dev
      • that's what the official instructions show to use
      • phatypus
        yep, looks ok
      • and from your PC you're connecting to HOST:8065, but it fails
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      • frostyglitch
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      • works from though when connecting to it from the same machine that the vm is running on, so I know the container is functioning and the database is working
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      • that was suppose to say "works fine though" heh
      • phatypus
        100% sure firewall on host is not running? and is there a firewall on your PC running, blocking outbound access to 8065?
      • frostyglitch
        verified host and guest
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      • phatypus
        what about the PC?
      • frostyglitch
        well that's what i mean, windows is the host, firewall is disabled, guest is ubuntu 16.04 verified disabled
      • running the command ufw status verbose makes it's very clear if the firewall is up or not haha
      • phatypus
        isn't the problem that you have 3rd computer, not the host or guest, that is trying to access the guest, via port HOST:8065
      • frostyglitch
        that is correct
      • just making it a point that the guest and host both have firewalls disabled
      • if either of those are enabled, that can cause issues
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      • so I sent an invite to my mattermost server to my wife, she got the email but when she tries to click the link in the email to join, she can't reach the server at all
      • i guess i'm gonna try switching to bridged
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