• windigo
        I'd love to see some example code to give me an idea where it should be located. :)
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      • FalseID
        windigo: I haven't implemented a deferred capture logic, but if I'd do it now, I'd probably put the logic in it's own app (together with the other logics related to that specific payment gateway)
      • and calling handle_payment_event from handle_shipping_event allows you to process the payment first and avoid creating the shipment if the deferred capture fails
      • but that's just me and like I said, I've never implemented anything of the sort...
      • windigo
        FalseID: Thanks so much
      • I've been looking into handle_payment_event and handle_shipping_event, but wasn't sure if they were the "correct" place to be doing things.
      • It looks like I might be able to use those functions, in conjunction with "handle_order_action" in the orders dashboard view to kick things off. :)
      • I can understand why they do things this way, but sometimes Oscar's habit of making parts of the process nebulous and undefined really throw me for a loop.
      • It's very helpful to have a second set of eyes & sensibilities!