• Alex_Gaynor
        I still can't figure out who generates the pile of random stuff
      • reaperhulk
        it might even be at another layer
      • there are so many pipeline plugins
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      • Alex_Gaynor
        reaperhulk: it's marked resolved
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      • reaperhulk: I think a reasonable fix would be to turn that into sha256/64 or /128, agree?
      • reaperhulk: alternative we can just set PATH_MAX, and I guess that'll fix it
      • (this code seems way more complex than necessary...)
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      • reaperhulk: it looks like it defaults to 80, so change it to 64 and we can go back to being happy?
      • reaperhulk: that should be somethign that can be sent as a PR to the infra repo
      • reaperhulk
        Alex_Gaynor: lol, good work
      • Alex_Gaynor
        -Djenkins.branch.WorkspaceLocatorImpl.PATH_MAX=64 looks like roughly the correct incantation; we could probably even do lower values, I think
      • reaperhulk
        yeah I'd be inclined to do like 20 or 30?
      • Alex_Gaynor
        try 40
      • I think that'll give us good random bytes and still save a buttload of spcae
      • reaperhulk
        Alex_Gaynor: lol here's what 40 does "graphy_PR-3525-VE2ETALXLYB7VN3RENK6NI76P"
      • it truncates it off the front :)
      • also, guess what!
      • /var/jenkins_home/workspace/graphy_PR-3525-VE2ETALXLYB7VN3RENK6NI76P@5/ <-- that exceeds the shebang length limit on linux
      • Alex_Gaynor
        ... wow
      • reaperhulk
        err no it doesn't
      • damn, gonna have to investigate more about what's going on with most of the docker containers :/
      • Alex_Gaynor
        reaperhulk: can we pick one long enough that we get the full repo name
      • reaperhulk
        I dunno. I don't really think it matters except in the case where we need to debug, which requires a pipeline change since we delete the working dir in the finally block anyway
      • so the working dir's name is pretty irrelevant as long as it's unique
      • Alex_Gaynor
        Ok, you convinced me
      • May as well go even shorter than
      • NOTICE: [infra] reaperhulk created path-max (+1 new commit): https://git.io/v9CwA
      • NOTICE: infra/path-max 41dc15c Paul Kehrer: add a PATH_MAX to prevent failures due to path length on windows...
      • reaperhulk
        okay, I'll drop it to 20
      • NOTICE: [infra] reaperhulk force-pushed path-max from 41dc15c to 4c84ffb: https://git.io/v9Cwj
      • NOTICE: infra/path-max 4c84ffb Paul Kehrer: add a PATH_MAX to prevent failures due to path length on windows...
      • NOTICE: [infra] reaperhulk opened pull request #73: add a PATH_MAX to prevent failures due to path length on windows (master...path-max) https://git.io/v9Cre
      • Alex_Gaynor
        Will review and merge later, going to picnic now
      • reaperhulk
        have fun
      • Alex_Gaynor
        I plan on it
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