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      • reaperhulk
        Alex_Gaynor, dstufft: so, at what point do we resurrect our 3 year old "let's just build our own damned coverage SaaS" :P
      • (I don't want to do it still, but uuuugh)
      • Alex_Gaynor
        reaperhulk: if we did do it, what are the odds it'd be an exercise in humility
      • reaperhulk
      • Alex_Gaynor
        ok, bed time
      • reaperhulk
        night alex
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      • jeus
        Hey, can someone please help me understanding how I can create OpenSSL compatible encryption and decryption funtion using the cryptography package? Thanks.
      • NOTICE: [cryptography] Yensan closed issue #4190: Question: How choose a curve and generate key, then gene shared key? https://git.io/vxb5E
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