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        [lee tae hwan, CrateDB Community] how crate jdbc-driver version?
      • [lee tae hwan, CrateDB Community] how crate jdbc-driver install? my http://crate.io version 1.0.1
      • [lee tae hwan, CrateDB Community] help me ㅠㅠ
      • [lee tae hwan, CrateDB Community] (joy/allthethings emoji)
      • [Alexander Berger, CrateDB Community] How does CrateDB scale in terms of the number of tables (and shards)? Is there a hard limit or can I just add more nodes to the cluster if I have more tables?
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      • [Claus Matzinger, CrateDB Community] @alex there's no hard limit :)
      • [Claus Matzinger, CrateDB Community] @thlee there are some instructions here: https://crate.io/docs/reference/jdbc/ ?
      • [Alexander Berger, CrateDB Community] @claus.crate Thanks, but my question is: Does the number of tables (and shards) scale with the number of nodes? Such that 3 nodes (of a given hardware size) could handle 300 tables, 6 nodes could handle 600 tables and 100 nodes could handle 10000 tables.
      • [Claus Matzinger, CrateDB Community] well it's not about tables that much, it's rather about shards.. but then, yeah - shards are distributed evenly across the cluster and each node can handle several shards (how many depends on the machine specs) ...
      • [Claus Matzinger, CrateDB Community] so yes, adding nodes will let you handle more shards :)
      • [Alexander Berger, CrateDB Community] @claus.crate OK, thank you very much.
      • [Indresh Singh, CrateDB Community] Hi
      • [Indresh Singh, CrateDB Community] I want to some help
      • [Indresh Singh, CrateDB Community] automatic backup going to directory.
      • Logs management for Database and application for debugging.
      • [Indresh Singh, CrateDB Community] please suggest what to do?
      • [Claus Matzinger, CrateDB Community] Hi @indresh-singh :) I am not sure if I understand your question?
      • CrateDB can do backups https://crate.io/docs/reference/sql/snapshot_re... (trigger them with a CRON job or Jenkins or similar) and you can ingest any data into CrateDB via JDBC https://crate.io/docs/reference/jdbc/
      • [Indresh Singh, CrateDB Community] Thanks for giving a reply for my question. I want to some functionality my project creating automated backup and logs.
      • We need a recovery and backup plan for the application.