• cheeseplus
        chef, in packer, is just a provisioner
      • you'd still use an ISO to do the install from
      • eugenmayer
        cheeseplus: opnsense is pre-provisioned on the iso - its an opnsense installer iso
      • chris_
        You don't even need to install pfsense, you just run it directly from the image it comes in
      • just load the image and you're done. what would you want chef to do?
      • eugenmayer
        chef is not needed here. I just cannot get packer to "stop" and actually keep the image. there is no shutdown in the installation
      • cheeseplus
        so far I'm still lost as to what you're even trying to assert or how I'm involved
      • eugenmayer
        i seem to be completely talking you into confusion
      • you are not involved, its my war :)