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      • redfish
        does zelle allow chargebacks? i'm hesitant to use it
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      • pr3d4t0r
      • Looking at the GitHub repository, checking if it's possible to run the GUI separate from the bisq service in a local machine.
      • Trying to fund my Bisq wallet - the app tries to start Bitcoin-Qt every time. Is there a configuration option somewhere to prevent that? bitcoind and my funding wallet are in a different system.
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      • tarcus[m]
        You can just copy the funding address?
      • At the moment it's either GUI or headless
      • pr3d4t0r
        tarcus[m]: Excellent, thanks.
      • tarcus[m]: I'm funding my wallet and otherwise learning my way around the GUI, I will ask about headless later. I appreciate your help.
      • tarcus[m]
        No worries, there's also an API in progress to control a headless instance
      • Sentineo
        yeah an api is going to be cool
      • pr3d4t0r: what os re you using?
      • tarcus[m]: never used the headless option, so there is no way to interact with it? why would one want to run headless?
      • pr3d4t0r
        Sentineo: MacOS and Linux.
      • Sentineo: MacOS latest, Linux Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS with all the latest patches, sitting behind a firewall and a gateway.
      • Sentineo
        cause I think you can configure the bitcoin mime type to be ignored
      • pr3d4t0r
        Sentineo: I was afraid Bisq would take a long time to sync, so thinking about running headless in the Linux server but it's fast - no need.
      • Sentineo
        yeah it has spv
      • pr3d4t0r
        Sentineo: Ah - yeah.
      • tarcus[m]
        No idea, probably to run a seednode
      • Sentineo
        and if you run a local bitcoind it connects to it first - at least it used to :)
      • pr3d4t0r
        Sentineo: I'll wait until my wallet is funded to ask more questions, play with it more. My next step is to execute a couple of trades (fiat->BTC, BTC->ETH) to get my head around the whole thing, then I'll be in a position to ask more intelligent questions.
      • Sentineo
        do you have any crypto?
      • just because the crypto to crypto trade is quicker
      • so maybe I would start with that, just to poke around
      • pr3d4t0r
        Sentineo: At what stage? The short answer is "yes" but I don't understand the scope of your question.
      • Sentineo
        and you can play with testnet, too
      • pr3d4t0r
        Sentineo: Ah, understood. Yes, I have a good war chest.
      • Sentineo: I've been using BTC (accepting and issuing payments) since 2013.
      • Sentineo
        it is just because for fit there is more days for a trade
      • pr3d4t0r
        Sentineo: Yup.
      • Sentineo
      • pr3d4t0r
        Sentineo: I'm in research mode.
      • Sentineo: In the last 4 years I've done 1 Coinbase fiat->BTC conversion (screw those guys) and several over LocalBitcoins.com, both ways.
      • Sentineo: Now that I have time to get involved again I'm exploring/researching all the options. I'm very impressed with Bisq so far.
      • Sentineo
        yeah it is cool
      • pr3d4t0r
        Sentineo: Very much so.
      • Sentineo
        I wanted to show it to my sister yesterday, just sadly there was noone selling 20eur worth btc :)
      • but it will get better as is used more
      • tarcus[m]
        Nice :). Yes liquidity could be better, bootstrapping is hard
      • pr3d4t0r
        Sentineo: My other two wallet set ups are Ledger Nano S and Armory latest on the Mac with bitcoind and databases on the Linux server (because of sync).
      • Sentineo
        bought here a trezor ... she loved it
      • was asking me all day about bitcoin
      • she is no tech person at all
      • but she uses linux, loves it, now loves bitcoin :)
      • pr3d4t0r
      • Sentineo
        tarcus[m]: btw it would be nice to be able to receive notifications for trades
      • tarcus[m]: e.g. in her case for anything lower than 20 eur ...
      • like a zeromq publishing or somewhing , or running a command when a filter kicks in
      • the user sets, and it would do whatever is done
      • if done in an adon fasion, people just might write different extensions to handle email, sms, android toasts, whatever ...
      • Manfred_Karrer[m: is there something like that planned/implemented? ^
      • tarcus[m]
        Yes that's a nice idea, but it will be possible with API. Just query the open offers and filter for your criteria
      • Of course plugins would be easier for users
      • Sentineo
        well quering can get expensive
      • espacially when you guys scale
      • a publishing thing like zeromq would be better for this case
      • it is cheap for the app
      • tarcus[m]: this is how I do this: http://node.ispol.sk/#!/mempool
      • bitcoind having zeromq publishing gives this for free basically
      • so if there is already a hook you update the data for trades, you just put in a one liner to publish it through zeromq (or other publisher scheme)
      • and there must be a hook as the gui updates for every new trade
      • tarcus[m]
        Querying is to localhost so not really a problem but zero mq is nice, where would you publish to, yourself or the whole network?
      • Guessing localhost
      • Sentineo
        the same way bitcoind does it
      • once you receive a tx or block (in your case a trade) you publish it to whatever socket is configured
      • zeromq just triest publishing it (raw socket basically) it silently fails
      • and it is very easy for the client, just connect to the socket and listen for the events thay you want to hear
      • tarcus[m]: check out https://github.com/KanoczTomas/01Cnode, below you can see an example bitcoind config with mq publiching targets ... you could choose to have a different socket per message
      • so basically any info that is available to bisq could be published to a socket. Than you can let the usage to the community. There might me someone to listen to it for notifications, others to show realtime trades, etc.
      • maybe someone would use it to create a trading bot, that would raise liquidity basically
      • tarcus[m]
        Yes, that's why the API is being made, but with polling instead of listening to a queue. Zeromq is a bit more elegant of course, maybe the next phase of the API :)
      • Sentineo
        right, and api would be more complex
      • zeromq is pretty raw
      • all it can tel in bitcoind is it received a block and show its hash, or the whole raw block. the same with tx
      • tarcus[m]: learning java now, so maybe I can help out later
      • it should not be hard to implement, just finding the best place to do so needs reading the code :)