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      • frib
        how scalable is mimble wimble in terms of transactions / day?
      • bsm1175321
        Mimblewimble doesn't really add scalability enhancements. It's a fungibility enhancement.
      • frib
        i thought it "hit two birds with one stone" ?
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      • gmaxwell
        bsm1175321: that isn't correct.
      • MW eliminates the need for any node to store most historical data, and eliminates the need to transfer it in syncing.
      • bsm1175321
        Good point.
      • sipa
        bsm1175321: its fungibility/privacy is similar (and perhaps a bit better due to simpler coinjojn) than CT
      • and conpared to CT, it is a massive scaling improvement
      • compared to bitcoin as it exists today, it's also a scalability improvement in asymptotics, but with a terrible constant factor
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      • bsm1175321
        Yes...I've explained Monero/RingCT to a few people this week...(they use CT). The scalability implications are scary. 10x worse AFAICT. MW is better.
      • gmaxwell