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      • NOTICE: [beets] WyseNynja closed pull request #2287: support reverse proxy (master...reverse_proxy_support) https://github.com/beetbox/beets/pull/2287
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      • chatter29
        hey guys
      • Allah is doing
      • sun is not doing Allah is doing
      • to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger
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      • NOTICE: obiesmans/beets#6 (reverse_proxy_support - cf38410 : Olivier Biesmans): The build was fixed.
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      • Freso
        SuperSeriousCat: Note that beets deals with absolute paths, so if you use the same db on/for two (or more) different machines, the paths to the files being managed should also be the same on those machines.
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      • NOTICE: [beets] sampsyo closed pull request #2482: Reverse proxy support (master...reverse_proxy_support) https://github.com/beetbox/beets/pull/2482
      • NOTICE: [beets] sampsyo closed issue #282: Web Plugin: web root path https://github.com/beetbox/beets/issues/282
      • NOTICE: [beets] sampsyo closed pull request #755: FIX: web plugin should work behind web proxy too (master...master) https://github.com/beetbox/beets/pull/755
      • Magne`
        after those merges, I think I need to rebase subsonic PR
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      • flesk
        hm configuration error: importfeeds.dir: must be a filename, not bytes with python3
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      • stevejohnson
        here is my daily request for info on the 1.4.4 release :-)
      • just to say “someone is interested” - no response required
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      • SpaceBear
        question: is their a fucntion that makes filenames/folders NTFS safe? like no trailing .'s no illegal characters etc?
      • I don't want to strip all special chars, just ones that make NTFS shit the bed
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      • darwin
        SpaceBear : your question is a FAQ
      • m1dnight_
        It would be nice to have an option to delete a source dir after import.
      • I often copy a bunch of new albums to ~/temp and then `beet import -q .` to manually import the remaining albums.
      • but then I have to wade through a bunch of empty dirs.
      • Is that possible?
      • (I mean, does that exist already/ I cant find it in the docs)
      • SpaceBear
        thanks darwin !
      • darwin, i'm a tad confused, is it saying replace is enabled by default no work needed, or that you need to enable it, and it makes it ntfs safe by default?
      • darwin
        it's saying it's enabled by default.
      • SpaceBear
        ah ok thanks :)
      • question 2. fetchart plugin, how do I make it place the cover.jpg in the destination folder? rigth now its placing it in the folder I'm importing from
      • m1dnight_
        you have the art_source config
      • "By default, beets stores album art image files alongside the music files for an album in a file called cover.jpg. To customize the name of this file, use the art_filename config option."
      • works for me, though.
      • SpaceBear
        well whats happening atm, is it imports the music, but stores the cover in the directory that I imported from
      • so lets say i have /mnt/Storage/Album~music~etc and my beets director is ~/Music/
      • it will save the cover in the first one, and import the music to ~/Music/
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      • NOTICE: [beets] jansol opened pull request #2484: Change default aac encoder to FFmpeg's native one (master...master) https://github.com/beetbox/beets/pull/2484
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      • _corrupt
        i love you beets
      • Boingo
        Can I do two different imports, of non-similar data, against the same database simultaneously, safely? Or do they have to be done sequentially?
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      • darwin
        yes, you can.