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      • [TK]D-Fender
        Guess reload doesn't reload that one
      • But are we on the same result?
      • ppd1990
      • we have the same result. Dial does not ring back. It does play on hold music perfectly though (if set via m option)
      • [TK]D-Fender
        PB the call
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      • ppd1990
      • [TK]D-Fender
        no music, no "r" for ringing
      • leave it PLAIN
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      • ppd1990
      • [TK]D-Fender
        So how long did you let it go for, and you heard nothing?
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      • ppd1990
        15 seconds. I heard nothing
      • djadk
        Hi guys Im using a asterisk server all my inboun calls just get hangup
      • any help please
      • [TK]D-Fender
        ok, sanity check : pick "us" as the zone & restart * entirely
      • djadk
        Im trying to receive inbound call
      • [TK]D-Fender
        <djadk> Hi guys Im using a asterisk server all my inboun calls just get hangup <- no it doesn't. You are clearly accepting the call and hittting an AGI
      • gadamo
        djadk: smth up with "agi-VDAD_ALL_inbound.agi"?
      • [TK]D-Fender
        Your AGI does what it does.. if it isn't doing what you want you'll have to check your own code
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      • ppd1990
        I set country=us and restarted asterisk. The result is the same
      • [TK]D-Fender
        Ok, this is definitely weird. What ver of *?
      • ppd1990
        Asterisk 14.2.1
      • [TK]D-Fender
        Well we seem to have gone through all tthe proper steps, perhaps we're in an odd bug situation. Now I'd recommend posting the backup into a bug entry on the trtacker and see whatt the devs thingk
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      • gadamo
        ppd1990: try in sip.conf to set progressinband=yes, internal_timing=yes, silencesuppression=no
      • ppd1990: also set the dialing options to 'Ttr'
      • [TK]D-Fender
        gadamo, Shouldn't matter since audio is already up. There shouldn't be progress OOB at all
      • gadamo
        ppd1990: do not include the 'm(mohfile)' option, since it overrides the 'r' option
      • [TK]D-Fender
        ppd1990, Wait, ONE last thing, what codec?
      • ppd1990
        [TK]D-Fender: thank you so much for your kind help. Maybe this is indeed a bug after all
      • allow=g722 \n allow=alaw
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      • gadamo: Will have to look up the equivalents for pjsip.conf. inband_progress=yes I already tried (alone), it did nothing
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      • gadamo
        ppd1990: i wish i was more knowledgable to help you further
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      • ppd1990
        gadamo: you helped me quite a lot already, thanks a bunch. I really appreciate it
      • Samot
        pdd1990: So your provider supports both g722 and alaw?
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      • ppd1990
        Samot: I took this config from someone who uses the very same provider and the audio is perfect except for this strange dialtone problem. They recommend in their (the provider's) support forums G722 and G711a, so I thought that'd be correct
      • I can work around the problem by just playing on-hold music during the Dial(). I will have to file a bug report tomorrow. My brain's got an * overload today...
      • Samot: Also many thanks to you for helping me out!
      • Samot
        Well I would make alaw either the only codec or the primary codec on the trunk...
      • And then try it and make sure there's no transcoding issues.
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      • ppd1990
        Samot: no way. That worked... God d... what a waste of time. Is that considered a bug on *'s side oder is the provider to blame?
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      • Samot
        I would confirm that they actually support g722
      • Using a random guys config without confirming things is usually considered a bug on the user's side.
      • :)
      • Are you using g722 on the phones?
      • Or at all?
      • ppd1990
        I took it from here: http://www.rotherland.de/de/voip.html . There is even a paragraph why one should enable G.722 for this provider. And the provider's PBX box (Zyxel) also has those codecs set. So I don't know about that "without confirming" part
      • the phones use g722
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      • wasanzy
        Does the Dial() function accepts phone numbers straight up? eg Dial(+222222222222)
      • [TK]D-Fender
        Of course not
      • "core show application dial" <-
      • I don't understand how tthis can even be a question
      • wasanzy
        I want to ring a phone when a user press say "1"
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      • [TK]D-Fender
        Start by being more specific
      • wasanzy
        This is what I want to do. when user presses 1 dial number 0243729047 and bridge the call