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      • crhylove
        Gup: I'm using beta 2
      • I'll try again from scratch.
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      • Choos a mirror of Devuan archive:
      • Despite I tell it no network already.
      • Bad Archive Mirror. No matter what I do.
      • This is beta 2 DVD. I select Install (not graphical install), and then my country, then I get here.
      • Juesto
        crhylove: did you configure network? sounds likely not
      • crhylove
        Tried config network 20 diff ways. I currently have it disabled in the VM because otherwise the repos time out.
      • I have a weird internet connection.
      • I'm trying to install from DVD. Then I can run updates piecemeal or proxy them or something.
      • Trying Expert Install now....
      • Debootstrap Error Failed to determine the codename for the release.
      • Every. Time.
      • There's no way to just ONLY install from the DVD?!?
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      • Trying now with a speed limit set on that VM.
      • crhylove gets creative
      • Retrieving Packages...
      • Usually dies on Retrieving libc6...
      • That's where it is now.
      • Weeezy
        did you make it?
      • Juesto
        crhylove: do not set up or use a mirron then?
      • Did you try skipping steps?
      • in the expert installer try disabling installer components
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      • Weeezy
        I'm going to be up all night wondering about this now. :)
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      • Juesto
      • lol
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      • fsmithred
        crhylove, did you check the md5sum on the download?
      • I have installed from the amd64 DVD without a network connection.
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      • crhylove
        Tried disabling steps in expert installer, still no joy.
      • Would like to know how fsmithred did it. LOL
      • Still stuck on libc6.
      • And I ran the "Verify CD" thing, too.
      • Xenguy
        crhylove: I assume this has to do with your VM environment, or am I wrong?
      • crhylove
        Xenguy: No, the VM environment is fine. I have a weird internet connection with queueing issues.
      • So it will pull updates for wheezy, but not dev beta 1.
      • It times out.
      • Xenguy
        OK, I did get the impression of an anomoly somehow
      • crhylove
        I just want to install using DVD only, and can't figure out how to do that.
      • Xenguy
        As it happens I run both wheezy, and devuan, on separate boxes...
      • I've noticed that doing updates on wheezy is significantly faster than updating on devuan, but I just assumed that had to do with infrastructure and hardware configurations
      • It is odd though that your net connection times out with devuan's mirror(s)
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      • Juesto
        Perhaps try another mirror? maybe a specific address?
      • not a roundrobin
      • Xenguy
        I'm not certain that Devuan's infrasturcture is as multifaceted as Debian's tho
      • (Or perhaps 'distributed' is a better word)
      • Eventually it would be a good idea, I think, to expand the network of Devuan mirrors
      • Redundancy is our friend, and all that
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      • crhylove
        Yeah, at this point, I'd be willing to host a repo. LOL
      • Trying Graphical Automated Install. Just because it's one of the only things I haven't tried yet. LOL
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      • Retrieving Packages...
      • golinux keeps fingers crossed . . .
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      • ..Nope.
      • *sigh*
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      • Gup
        crhylove, wow you really were up all night! still no luck I guess?
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      • I've just done another dvd install using beta2 and took note of the steps: if I select "do not configure a network at this time" it doesn't even ask me for a network mirror or any net related questions
      • i've also just tried the same with beta1 and even though i select "do not configure a network at this time" it still asks for a network mirror and then continues to give the "bad network mirror" error you are experiencing
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      • sorry to question what you've already stated, but are you 100% sure you've not somehow installing from beta1?
      • during install you can switch to another tty (e.g ctrl-alt-f2) and check with 'head /cdrom/README.txt'
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