• riclas
        Manfred_Karrer[m it seems that guy did just make trades for spam sake -.- will have my funds locked for a week
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      • Manfred_Karrer[m
        riclas: i am sorry but we cannot do much atm. he will lose his sec. deposit of 0.03 btc in such a case. as said that will be delegated to the maker in future. so if u want better security against such, u will set a high deposit. fo course the hgiher the deposit the higher the burden, so people need to find the right balnace themself
      • riclas: if it was sepa and day 6 has passed u can open a dispute. he will prob not be able to pay in the last day a sepa often taeks 2-3 days.
      • i will add also something the the buyer need to pay before hte half of the period
      • or maybe even earlier. the long period is just bc banks sleep over long weekends, but he can start payment fast anyway.
      • riclas: feel free to make a suggestion at the forum how u would handle that. i will try to get that into the next version. there is differnece if buyer is maker or taker. if taker he shoudl be able to start payment directly after block confirm. if buyer is maker we need to give more time as he might not be at the computer then it got taken. it should be not too complicate as well. so i would suggest the buyer has
      • 1 day and seller can open dispute of buyer does not signal payment in that period. of course he can lie but then its normal dispute case...
      • riclas
        yeah i'm just alerting to this case
      • he did 3 trades with me
      • losing 0.09 lol
      • i think leaving 3 days for payment + 4 to receive is fine. because maybe you need to go to the bank and have a weekend ahead
      • i'm not sure about what maker setting the deposit solves... even in cases of hacking, it's not that risky. so you would be just making it harder for regular users to make trades, maybe.
      • btw we should have spanish and portuguese + portuguese brasil done soon. i've done a push on some forums and got some translators on
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      • lightsout[m]
        riclas: Manfred_Karrer: @ bitcoin.de you have 1 hour to make the payment. 1 day should be more than enough for SEPA maybe 3 for cash deposit (weekend, holidays)
      • Thinking about it, I realized that if you put up an offer to buy you might be not at the machine running Bitsquare. You should have at least a day to start a payment. Maybe there should be different time frames for offerers and takers.
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      • Manfred_Karrer[m
        yes, i think i make it 1 day for both (maker/taker). otherwise it gets too complicate for users
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      • riclas
        that sounds good enough
      • i was only worried if the buyer needs to go to the bank to make the transfer
      • but then a dispute will explain that
      • same for any delay over 3 days
      • sepa is usually 1/2 days, not 2/3
      • i'll write up a post in the forum in the afternoon
      • Manfred_Karrer[m
        depends on countr austria take 2-3 days
      • riclas
        i receive from austrians all the time in 1 day
      • :)
      • btw the guy that created the trades with me is online
      • he has 2 sell offers open
      • gonnbhvyyqd5jue6.onion
      • can i open dispute on one asking if he intends to pay?
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      • Manfred_Karrer[m
        maybe it is just my bank... austrian banks have usually free accounts, so they keep your money longer to make their profit...
      • riclas: how long is the trade open?
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      • thanks for the PR! we got 2 lnaguages already! They have been fast!
      • riclas
        yeah and i screwed up along the way and made some restart work...
      • so it has been fast.
      • Manfred_Karrer[m
        thansk for your help!
      • riclas
        well, he opened 3 trades on the 5th and one today
      • 5th? wtf lol
      • 29th
      • 3 days ago,.
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      • Manfred_Karrer[m
        lets wait 1 day longer. it is stated sowmehere that he need to pay until the half (4 days) is
      • as said we will improve that btu we cannot break current rules.
      • riclas
        ok i guess i wait until monday and we talk again
      • Manfred_Karrer[m
        yes, u can open at day 4. that is ok
      • riclas
        this sucks though, i could have made much more profit than the 0.09 of the security, and he gets the opportunity to buy now that the price has risen for a huge discount, or to accept the dispute if the price had dropped.
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