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        XedonTechnologie well if the image changed, they prob changed smth in how it starts - see logs, maybe they added a new option for it or so... ((some people like to specify excaly what IP to bind to - when say having a container that sits in 2 networks - but "service" should only be acessible to one of them ((as there is "no firewall inside docker networks"))
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      • nwe well, the error you pasted clearly shows it attempting smth with "dial tcp" - so maybe another var to set appart from CONCOURSE_POSTGRES_DATA_SOURCE?
      • and --link IS DED.
      • XedonTechnologie
        very starnage, the docker build has skipped the step of copying my config file
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        nwe ((thats also odd btw, one one hand "link" would make it the "localhost" yes - but you already give it the hostname in CONCOURSE_POSTGRES_DATA_SOURCE...)) -- so tldr, `docker network`create&attach (or --network in the `run` is "the real fix" -- and wrap that up into a docker-compose, noone wants 600char long shell commands :P
      • lyr
        I'm banging my head over a good ol' standard_init_linux.go:190: exec user process caused "no such file or directory", most likely my dockerfile screwing up somewhere. Is there a way to know what's missing ?
      • tabakhase
        lyr got a workdir set? - also dockerfile pls
      • lyr
      • tabakhase thanks for the help, though my question was more about is there something like --debug flag for a decent troubleshooting
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        lyr first line of /cozy/bin/entrypoint.sh is? (shell?) - i think alpine trying bash yields that exact error...
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      • hell
      • really nice catch
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        lot of alpine images just have that symlinked, some have actual bash, - but "latest" may be pretty vigin...
      • speaking of - never use latest... its "junk" unless you know its not - it may be random ci artifact that failed every test there is and such ;D