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      • konobi
        no yoshua on irc lately?
      • dat-bot
        (martinheidegger) @dkastl prepared nodes for the GrassGis dataset as a dat: dat://e2e0d0b38f66b51f79441912194c9434d9748168958c28edf2c45ff4fbb6f66f would be cool to get more seeds.
      • (dkastl) @martinheidegger , is it possible to know the locations of nodes (through IP addresses)? Right now there are nodes in Germany, Finland and Japan, because I know where they are. Would be nice to visualize on a map.
      • (martinheidegger) jimpick worked on this: https://github.com/jimpick/dat-geoip
      • (dkastl) @martinheidegger , thanks, but isn't this just an IP address lookup with the database stored in a Dat archive?
      • (dkastl) I thought, can I know or how can I know the IP addresses (locations) of what I can see as "connections"?
      • konobi
        dkastl: geoip is the method to do the IP location mapping, you can use dat-geoip or one of several geoip modules on npm (heck, I think I released the first node addon for geoip way way back)
      • dat-geoip might have the prospect of being updateable in-place, whereas keeping the geoip database up-to-date for use with library/addon requires external cronjobs and signals to keep up-to-date
      • dat-bot
        (dkastl) @konobi, thanks! The GeoIP lookup libraries I know. I can use the `dat-geoip` to query an IP address.
      • (dkastl) What I had in mind is: I would like to visualize the location of all nodes of a DAT archive. If I do `dat share` I can see how many nodes are connected. I would like to know, where they are, so I had to know their IP addresses.
      • konobi
        dkastl: it's definitely doable, many moons ago we did a map visualization for IPs on maps... http://dtrace.org/blogs/bmc/2010/08/30/dtrace-n...
      • or are you thinking more as a CLI display?
      • dat-bot
        (dkastl) Well, it's more about this. Let's take an example:
      • (dkastl) ```
      • (dkastl) $ dat share
      • (dkastl) It would be nice to run `dat-geoip` without IP address as an argument and get returned a list of all locations of the connections.
      • (martinheidegger) input: dat address
      • (martinheidegger) output: stream of ips, geo-mapped & with percentage of data & data-throughput.
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