Best Tech Gifts Under $100

Our Top 6 Tech Gifts for Under $100

Do you need to find an awesome tech gift for a family member or friend that doesn’t empty your wallet? The suggestions that you’ll find in this article will help you find THE BEST tech gifts that are all under $100.

Just because you need to stick to a budget doesn’t mean that your gifts have to be boring. You’ll find in this list of gifts some smart speakers, media streamers, and even some quirky gifts for the geeks in your life.

Roku Streaming Sitck+

roku streaming sitck+ under $100

If you know someone who hasn’t yet jumped on the bandwagon of investing in a streaming device, this is a great gift. Even if they’re not prepared to cut their cable subscription and go all-in for streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, the Roku will still provide them with easy access to a wide range of streaming platforms.

The Roku is by far the best streaming device that you’ll find – even though giant companies have thrown their weight behind the streaming revolution. The Roku Streaming Stick+ is able to deliver 4K HDR video with up to Dolby Atomos Audio, all while providing a user interface that is designed to appeal to thousands of users, from tech wizards to tech novices.

  • Powerful and portable
  • Voice control remote
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t have the same bells and whistles that other Roku versions have, but it’s cheaper

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Anker 20,000 mAh Portable Charger

anker 20,000 mah portable charger

No matter how advanced smartphones become, they never have enough battery power. You can take any smartphone on the market, and after eight to ten hours, you’ve got an expensive paperweight. That’s where the Anker 20,000 mAh portable charger comes into play.

It’s small enough to fit into your backpack pouch, purse, or pocket, but it has enough power to recharge almost all smartphones seven times fully.

That’s not all! This charger not only charges your smartphone, but it does so safely and quickly. This portable charger has PowerIQ technology that will intelligently identify all connected devices and delivers the optimum high-speed charge.

  • Small and portable
  • Quickly and safely charges your smartphone and devices
  • Can charge your smartphone seven times
  • After extensive use, the ports can stop charging

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BlueDriver OBD2 Dongle

bluedriver obd2 dongle

OBD2 is an abbreviation for On-Board Diagnostics, version two. This is a system that’s been built into every single car made in the United States since the mid-‘80s. It allows you to tap into your car’s on-board computer and get detailed information about what’s going on with it at any given time.

The Automatic Link plugs into this device just like any other dongle and uses a low-power Bluetooth signal to beam information to your phone in real-time. This allows you to know what is acting up in your car so you can act quickly before the problem becomes worse.

Plus, if your check engine light comes on, BlueDriver will immediately shoot you a notification to explain what’s causing the light to be turned on. It even provides solutions to some of the more straightforward problems your car might encounter, and for more complicated issues will suggest mechanics in the area and offer directions.

On top of all of that, the app for this device will monitor your driving habits and suggest ways to boost your gas mileage.

  • Easy to use
  • Monitors your driving habits
  • Will alert you if something is wrong with your car
  • The Bluetooth connectivity can be lost easily

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Amazon Echo Dot

amazon echo dot

The Echo Dot is a tiny speaker with a voice assistant and can connect with several different apps, including apps, to control your home’s thermostat, garage door, fans, and lights. It can even get a pizza delivered to your home or play your favorite music.

It utilizes far-field voice recognition so that you can be across the room, and it can still register your voice, and it can learn from your preferences. The Echo will start to pick up on your vocabulary and speech patterns.

  • Works with a number of apps
  • Uses far-field voice recognition
  • Small enough to fit anywhere
  • The sound can be disappointing for some users

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Amazon Kindle

amazon kindle

This Kindle might not come with the luxury of page-turning buttons or with 10 LEDs like the Kindle Oasis; but if you know someone who is on the market for an ebook reader, this is a great option. This Kindle has more than enough memory to store all of your books and an updated processor, as well as featuring an amazing touchscreen display that allows you to browse through thousands of books with ease.

The software on this Kindle includes Goodreads integration and a vocabulary builder, which only complements its 30-day battery life and comfortable design.

  • 30-day battery life
  • Thin and light
  • No screen glare
  • This Kindle doesn’t have a backlight

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Tello Quadcopter Drone

tello quadcopter drone

This drone might not look imposing, but it has a number of amazing features in its small body. The Tello is light enough to hold in one hand, and it’s launched by gently throwing it into the air. This drone has a flight stabilization feature from DJI, a leader in drone technology, so it flies smoothly, even if you decide to use the default smartphone app to pilot it.

The Tello even has a camera attached to the drone so you can take videos in 720p. It’s been said that Tello is one of the best drones on the market today, and with such a low price, how can it be beaten?

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Durable
  • Too lightweight to fly in windy conditions
  • Once it’s dark, the drone stops sensing the ground which makes it hard to land it

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Finding the perfect gift for the geek in your life doesn’t have to be difficult. With so many tech gift options on the market today that are under $100, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift without breaking the bank.