2016 03 01

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      • mitsuhiko: a (maybe stupid) question about lektor, was taking a look to http://www.architekten-ronacher.at/projects/ate..., is there any way to link a page to a bunch of photos? (in that atelier you have about 29 photos, dunno if they have to be manually linked (with a custom field or something similar) or you can say "pick up all the photos inside that directory" in the template
      • mitsuhiko: in my case I want to add a mini-gallery to my posts, in my head it should be like contents/post-slug/photos/ (or something similar) and be able to link all the photos inside the post as a flowblock (i.e.). Do you know if it can be done as a new plugin?
      • hmm, taking a look to the code of lektor-website: {% for image in this.attachments.images %} what attachment.images is? all the images in the folder?
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