• spikebike
        Tv`: some distributed filesystem?
      • Tv`
        which means inode allocated depends on accessing order; where as with the go fuse lib it depends on the path name (but is not guaranteed unique)
      • spikebike: FUSE.. maybe this'll clarify: http://bazil.org/talks/2013-06-10-la-gophers/#1
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      • spikebike
        Tv`: ah, cool link, thanks.
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      • Tv`
        so the Go lib makes inode be hash-based, but chooses NodeID to be just "next available number"
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      • but there's cases where e.g. Node.Lookup(), which looks up the named child of that dir, wants to say "yeah you already have it open, it's this Handle"
      • and the current go fuse lib api doesn't expose that power to the fs implementation
      • and gaah
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      • so I want to see that when Node.Lookup returns a Node, if that Node is already known to kernel, use the same NodeID
      • easiest way there would be to use inode as NodeID (just like the C library)
      • but that means current hash-based inode auto-numbering is not good enough (because it's not guaranteed unique)
      • and the problem with that is -- for a lazy fs that doesn't choose inodes itself, lookup()->A, lookup()->B, flush cache, lookup()->B -- now B's inode may have changed
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      • so maybe i need to preserve the hashing, but add extra protection against collisions
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      • keep hashing until i find a free inode number, or something
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      • but now if the above A and B would collide, same happens again
      • (then again, with current implementation, they'll have the same inode)
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      • and a part of me wants to rip out the automatic inode numbering, because i'm not using it myself :(
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      • and that still doesn't help the actual fs figure out that the Lookup refers to a pre-existing Node, and it shouldn't instantiate a new one...
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      • JodaZ
        Tv`, just do the same thing as the c lib ?
      • Tv`
        JodaZ: that'd be nice if the C lib was actually good; but it's hideous
      • every single design decision in it needs to be questioned
      • JodaZ
        works fine, i am actually using it (with its auto inodes)
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      • hashing in such a case smells like a hack
      • Tv`
        i think it's originally intended for read-only filesystems
      • the lookup and caching thing is a really miserable problem
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      • the C lib kludges that by having a flag that makes it never flush the cache
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      • that's not nice either
      • the design space has horrible things, and things that manage their own inodes; nothing else has yet shown up
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      • dsal
        I feel like someone asked this question before and I heckled, but is there a way to know when an http chunk has completed?
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      • Because I wrote a proxy that works pretty well except when the response is streamed and the client times out waiting for data that the server has flushed, but the proxy hasn't.
      • JodaZ
        Tv`, the problem with caching is a real one tho, with fuse you can expose things that are not under full control of the kernel, so nothing can really be cached there as the underlying data might change at any time
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      • tfm_
        doesn't fuse have a way to invalidate cached inodes?
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      • Tv`
        tfm_: yes
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      • tfm_
        i seem to remember support for that being the reason i chose go-fuse over bazil/rsc's
      • Tv`
        yeah bazil.org/fuse doesn't have that yet
      • rest assured i need that myself ;)
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      • tfm_
        i'm a bit time crunched atm but i was planning to come back to implement that
      • feel free to beat me to it, though :)
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      • rsc's api seemed nicer to me at first glance
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      • Tv`
        much much nicer
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      • kellabyte
        what does this mean? "invalid operation: command <- c (send to non-chan type raft.Command)"
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      • dominikh
        that command isn't a channel and you're trying to send to it as if it were
      • twmb
        you're sending to a non-chan type raft.Command
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