• matthewbauer
        Jetien: nix-diff if you have the .drv file for each
      • infinisil
        bebarker: I used nix-prefetch-url --unpack, fetchTarball unpacks the tarball as well
      • Jetien
        matthewbauer: thanks. i suppose the .drv file name should be equal too?
      • matthewbauer
        Jetien: well you should have 2 .drv files & see the difference between the two (you also just diff the two files but nix-diff recurses into its inputs)
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      • bebarker
        based on this discussion I wonder if I should still keep recording derivations ... for the ultimate in paranoia ;-)
      • infinisil, great, that worked, i'm excited to try all this out soon
      • infinisil
        bebarker: If you really really want it to be 100% reproducible, Nix 2.0 should have a pure evaluation mode, where actually nothing other than the nix you write can influence the derivation
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      • bebarker
        infinisil, cool - sounds kind of like sandbox
      • ixxie
        gchristensen: did you end up picking a name for your thingy?
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