• FunkyBob
        asakapab0i: if you're migrating django apps to py3, "six" is a really useful package
      • bdmc
        schnickel: I was introduced to it in the tutorials, and found it in the documentation.
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      • asakapab0i
        Alright, I need to read some articles probably a good idea to research first.
      • schinckel
        ghostmoth: Maybe look at what the query being generated is?
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      • ghostmoth
        good idea
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      • schinckel
        dpaste the two queries, and we'll see what differs.
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      • FunkyBob
        morning, nlh
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      • nlh
        FunkyBob :)
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      • hydraidm801
        I have an interesting problem
      • I installed djangoCMS
      • mekhami
        is there a freenode chan that can help me with network issues
      • hydraidm801
        when I use the interface to make a new subpage it creates a real basic html markup. I can't figure out where or how this markup is being generated
      • FunkyBob
        hydraidm801: surely that's covered in their documentation?
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      • hydraidm801
        hahaha oh FunkyBob your hillarious!
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      • I know pages are created in admin so it probably uses some middleware to accomplish this
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      • FunkyBob
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      • Greener
        Hi all, I'm trying to save a user-uploaded file in a db. This is what I have: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/70d6740afcb67...
      • Everything works fine until the save() on the last line.
      • I'm not sure how to approach debugging this.
      • FunkyBob
        wait.. you want the file contents _in_ the db?
      • or are you just using a FileField?
      • Greener
        Er, yeah, that was badly said. I'm using a filefield; django can do whatever magic it wants to store it. :p
      • FunkyBob
        also... you should consider conforming to standard Python naming practices
      • StubAcceptFile would be a class name... you should use stub_accept_file for a function
      • if it's a Filefield on a model, your simplest option is to use a ModelForm
      • also... HttpRequest is the class name... you should call the first argument "request"
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      • and finally... you should not define the upload_to function as a method on the class... it won't work
      • Greener
        Everything is noted - that last part was from following tutorials, though. Let me double check where I got that from.
      • FunkyBob
        not the official tutorial, it's not
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      • Greener
        Hm. Where should that function go instead?
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      • I just moved it outside the class, and I'm not sure if that helps or not. (The mystery error is still happening)
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      • FunkyBob
        well, as I said... your easiest path to success here is to use a ModelForm
      • it's what I always do... because I can't be bothered remembering how to do it otherwise :)
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      • Greener
        All righty, I'll look into that instead. Thanks!
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      • datakid
        the other night at the DjangoMelb meetup, the host(I'm bad with names) mentioned an issues with dates - depending on what fn you call, you might get the "date server restarted" rather than "today". Can anyone recall what that was about? I think I've just walked into that
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      • FunkyBob
        datakid: I don't remember that...
      • datakid: sounds like the differnce between "default=date.today" and "default=date.today()"
      • the former, being a callable, will be called each time a default value is needed
      • the latter will call it once to provide the value... and that call will be on first import of the module
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      • bdmc
        I'm trying to get my head around some logic for a project ( app ) that I am involved with, and knew where to come.
      • FunkyBob
        datakid: which night was that?
      • datakid: or do you mean MelbDjango School?
      • bdmc
        I have a page that has a menu of several items. Each of those items will go to a form where data is collected and submitted.
      • I am looking at the polls tutorial ( again ), and not sure how to resolve my needs with what it is showing.
      • In the first place, in my menu, do I put the name of the view that does the actual data storage, or another "buffer" one, to display the form?
      • FunkyBob
        bdmc: won't the menu be included on all [most?] pages?
      • bdmc
        The first time it is called, the POST will be empty, but that --
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      • FunkyBob
        so the "menu" is just a page of links to other pages... each of which has a form?
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      • bdmc
        This is a two-level menu. The first page displays some general information, and then has a menu -- think a Profile page. The first page shows Name, e-mail, etc.
      • But, it has a menu at the top for change password, edit user data, edit e-mail addr, etc. How's that?
      • FunkyBob
      • so you want a number of pages for editing _parts_ of your user/profile data?
      • bdmc
      • FunkyBob
      • schinckel
        datakid: Even more nefarious is if you pass a mutable object (like a dict or list literal) as the default argument to a function. It uses that for each function call, mutating it each time.
      • FunkyBob
        so each of those pages will be a simple modelform processig page
      • schinckel
        def foo(bar=[]): ...
      • datakid: If you mutate bar in the function, then it will probably surprise you!
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      • bdmc
        How do I write the urls.py and views.py? Do I write one for the unused form, and one for the processing of the data, or one that covers both?
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      • schnickel: I didn't expect that you would still be around. It must be getting late for you. It is for me.