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      • jrobeson
        lol AssertionError: unexpectedly None
      • NOTICE: [beets] sampsyo pushed 3 new commits to master: https://github.com/beetbox/beets/compare/2a9be125032b...f96aa24a790a
      • NOTICE: beets/master 40369c6 Adrian Sampson: Move convert stub script to its own file
      • NOTICE: beets/master fc3f64d Adrian Sampson: Convert stub: Python 3 compatibility...
      • NOTICE: beets/master f96aa24 Adrian Sampson: Convert stub: use __future__ imports...
      • NOTICE: [beets] sampsyo pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/beetbox/beets/commit/e8c8f9fb1403ada512fb2564854cb7556d180058
      • NOTICE: beets/master e8c8f9f Adrian Sampson: Possibly make the convert stub work on Windows
      • we are trying too hard with all this fs interaction :(
      • NOTICE: [beets] sampsyo pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/beetbox/beets/commit/9f8b81a5ad1b91f72ddd14ef8aa16c413ce2bb42
      • NOTICE: beets/master 9f8b81a Adrian Sampson: Fix variable reference in stub
      • i noticed that we have an inconsistency with utf8 vs utf-8
      • sampsyo, so.. to fix this kinda thing, what do we do?
      • RSRC = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), b'rsrc')
      • should we remove the b' and just wrap it all in bytestring_path ?
      • sampsyo
        Yeah, that looks right—it looks like the consumers are expecting bytes.
      • jrobeson
        hmm.. music question.. you ever heard of the controls?
      • sampsyo
        Don't think so…
      • jrobeson
        it's hard to search for
      • sampsyo
      • jrobeson
        and there's no wikipediage page.. except as a mention for the music producer who was involved
      • wikipedia page*
      • i had to use genius to figure out who the singer was. and worked backwards from there. as she was featured on an old aesop rock album
      • sampsyo
        Whoa, that's some sleuthing
      • jrobeson
        i need to find out what she's into now. as that was from 1999
      • that's gonna be a lot of bytestring paths
      • oh.. and then there's the times where we use b'something'.format()
      • sampsyo
        :/ Yeah, that's a drag.
      • jrobeson
        i took one and made it a join :(
      • temporarily
      • sampsyo
        Seems fine, I guess.
      • jrobeson
        cover_pat = b''.join([b"(\b|_)({", b'|'.join(cover_names), b"})(\b|_)"])
      • lol
      • try reading that
      • sampsyo
      • jrobeson
        they did start reallowing some .formatting in py 3.5 i think
      • i'm stuck on 3.4 atm
      • well not stuck
      • but in about 10 days i'll be updating to fedora 24, and will get a full 3.5 stack
      • usually fedora gets that kinda thing before any distro but rolling type ones.. but the schedule was misaligned for a cycle
      • oh.. btw.. pathlib didn't get a function to expand ~ until 3.5
      • sampsyo
      • jrobeson
        bringing all the good news right
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      • os.environ['HOME'] = self.temp_dir cannot be bytes..
      • NOTICE: [beets] sampsyo opened issue #2030: Perfomance: reuse compiled format templates https://github.com/beetbox/beets/issues/2030
      • sampsyo
        jrobeson: I did that performance measurement about `functemplate` and found something surprising (above).
      • I honestly can't believe it's been 4 years since I wrote that compiler. Feeling old.
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      • jrobeson
        sampsyo, i thought i noticed this!
      • "I investigated and found that, as you might have guessed, the code is written to invoke the compiler every time---so instead of compiling the template once, beets was compiling it 15 thousand times"
      • i figured it was reading it wrong though
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      • i keep getting confused over things :(
      • tx.query("PRAGMA table_info(%s)" % table) - TypeError: argument 1 must be str, not bytes
      • that ain't bytes..
      • ah, it came from somewhere else (The call was coming from inside the house)
      • also sqlite doesn't accept bytes either
      • str only
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      • even though i'm not having great luck with the tests, I can at least run beets from the cli
      • hello beets config
      • hello beets ls
      • anybody around?
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      • Nomads
        Is there a way to let beet automatically keep the better quality file when adding new albums to the library?
      • jrobeson
        so you're converting most things?
      • jrobeson doesn't use any converters
      • darwin
        Nomads: this is a FAQ-ish question, but I don't recall the answer.
      • jrobeson
        moar tests pass
      • finally getting somewhere
      • Nomads
        jrobeson, no. I don't convert stuff. I just want beet to keep like 320kbps of the same album if there's already a, say, 128kb version in the library. It'ld be good if it did that.
      • jrobeson
        so why do you still ahve the 128kb version at all?
      • probably makes all the sense in the world, but I've never run into that problem
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      • Nomads
        Because I don't/can't manually control all at all? And since beets already checks for items in the library, it'ld been better if it could also do a quality check at the same time.
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      • jrobeson
        Nomads, can't?
      • you should file a bug
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      • sampsyo, there are certainly over 100 tests passing. . and can even run commands like beet info, beet ls (with a simple query), beet config, beet version, etc
      • sampsyo, and then i can even run the importer and get a matching album.. with option to import. I'm not brave enough to actally do that yet.
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      • Freso
        jrobeson | i had to use genius to figure out who the singer was. and worked backwards from there. […] -- you should add this information to MusicBrainz so future-you (or someone else) will not have to go through the same hoops. :)
      • jrobeson
        i wonder if it is in musicbrainz.. it might be
      • i hardly ever think about it :(
      • it certainly doesn't come up in web search results on the first page or 2
      • Freso
        I guess not enough people link to us.
      • jrobeson
        i wonder if there's a ddg bang search for mb
      • that is duck duck go
      • i use duck duck go as my default
      • so it'd like to be able to say !mb <search>
      • maybe it already exists.
      • i'll have to look later when i wake up
      • jrobeson runs away for now
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      • Freso
        !mb searches Artists on MusicBrainz
      • !mbwiki searches the MusicBrainz Wiki.
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      • paradox606
        good day all, I have a question related to using an alternative musicbrainz mirror... is there a way to tell beets to use authentication (username/password) to access the musicbrainz mirror? Thanks!
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      • Nomads
      • kinda like that.
      • th0rne
        Every time I start a terminal, I get a warning about lyrics google API key, presumably because I have beets auto-completion enabled, but this seems grossly unnecessary. Can I have beets not run any lyrics scripts and still get auto-completion? Or what gives?
      • paradox606
        Nomads: thansk!
      • Nomads: yeah I had tried this but had not had luck making it work... perhaps the order matters? I didn't have it in that order... I will try that out!
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      • Nomads
        Which is the correct formatting for paths? %title{%the{$albumartist}} Or is it %title%the{$albumartist} ?
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      • sampsyo
        th0rne: Not really, unfortunately -- beets needs to load its plugins to provide completion, and that plugin appears to warn on load. Maybe you want to just disable the google backend for lyrics?
      • Nomads: The first.
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      • NOTICE: [beets] pszxzsd opened pull request #2032: make bs1770gain calculate sample peak instead of true peak (master...bs1770) https://github.com/beetbox/beets/pull/2032
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      • i'm glad i didn't commit the wrapping of all map() with list() and the wrapping of all items() with list()
      • 2to3 was overzealous
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