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      • rashley
        trying to connect an mpd client to bpd and I'm getting this traceback
      • any ideas?
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      • magnulu
        k-man_: np, however I think there probably are better solutions available, depening on your setup and how you want to control it..
      • k-man_: check out the bpd plugin and test some clients maybe? http://mpd.wikia.com/wiki/Clients
      • k-man_: has to be a better solution in case you do not own a squeezebox :-)
      • MaynardWaters
        if my plugins: inline duplicates scrub lastgenre
      • does this mean that if things are not imported, that they are not within the musicbrainz database?
      • lastgenre
      • or the titles are so messed up that it could not correctly connect my files to existing musicbrainz entries
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      • jonthomas83
        hi guys/gals, how do I import music into library without changing filenames but changing tags?
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      • can someone help me import music to a folder on an external drive? I'm using Ubuntu and when I do an import, it only imports in to /home/jonathan/music, not /media/jonathan/music/music - no matter what path I put into the config file
      • daenney
        jonthomas83: If you've changed tags, you can simple reimport them through `beet import`
      • Or if you want to change them, `beet modify`
      • jonthomas83
        daenney: just want to import without changing the filename, I've left the filename part out of the config file, yet the filenames are changed upon import
      • MaynardWaters
        would having it simply not rewrite the files help you?
      • jonthomas83:
      • jonthomas83
        MaynardWaters: I'd still like to auto tag upon import, but yeah, not re-write the filanames would be helpful.
      • MaynardWaters
      • "Keep your current directory structure; importing should never move or copy files but instead just correct the tags on music. Put the line copy: no under the import: heading in your config file to disable any copying or renaming. Make sure to point directory at the place where your music is currently stored."
      • does that help you jonthomas83 ?
      • sampsyo
        jonthomas83: Indeed, MaynardWaters has it right. Just use "copy: no" in your config file.
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      • And make sure you're looking at the right version of the docs for the version of beets you're using. The config filename and format changed.
      • jonthomas83
        Thanks MaynardWaters and sampsyo, I'm new and have been trying to sort out Beets in dribs and drabs for a long time now, I am out of date like you say sampsyo, I'll update my version and will come back. Many thanks!
      • MaynardWaters++
      • sampsyo ++
      • ha forgotten how to give karma!?! lol
      • rashley
        still having problems getting bpd to behave. all clients now cause the follopwing trace
      • it's like that method 'destination' is never bound
      • jonthomas83
        guys, I'm not great with this stuff, can anyone help me update from 1.0? I've read http://beets.readthedocs.org/en/v1.3.0/guides/m... and it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Any help would be well appreciated. I'm looking forward to getting started!
      • sampsyo
        rashley: Thanks for the report; this looks like a bug. Which version are you on?
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      • jonthomas83: What part doesn't make sense? Feel free to ask questions.
      • the gist is "Fortunately, this should require very little effort on your part… beets will warn you and then transparently convert one to the other."
      • jonthomas83
        I've followed the 1.3.0 configuration file wiki, not the 1.0 guide, so I'm a bit confused as to where to look for my actual config file.
      • I ran a beet import (which put my music in the wrong directory - as you'd expect as I followed the wrong guide) ...
      • sampsyo
        then your config file is in the right place already
      • jonthomas83
        But beets didn't warn me of anything when it did that
      • sampsyo
        right, because it just used the defaults (since it didn't find a config file)
      • now that you've upgraded, it should see your 1.3-style config file
      • so you're all set
      • jonthomas83
        sampsyo: beet version yields 1.0.0
      • sampsyo
        then I suppose you haven't upgraded
      • jonthomas83
      • I'm using ubuntu, is there a way to tell it to upgrade
      • sampsyo
        Ubuntu's version is typically a few months out of date; you'll need to uninstall and install with pip if you want the latest
      • jonthomas83
        Sorry man, I'm thick when it comes to this stuff, I'll be fine when I'm getting in to thecrux of the music stuff
      • sampsyo
        or, alternatively, stick with 1.0.0 and follow the correct docs
      • jonthomas83
        ok, I'll read up about installing with pip
      • sampsyo
      • jonthomas83
        thank you sampsyo
      • sampsyo
        no trouble whatsoever
      • jonthomas83
      • rashley
        python %&*
      • python setup.py install put thing from my git dir to /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/beets-1.3.1-py2.7 but I had been debugging in .../lib/python2. 7/dist-packages/beetsplug/bpd
      • when i renamed bpd to bpd.bak, and ran setup.py again, it all works fine
      • bpd runs with no problem
      • whew
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      • jonthomas83
        sampsyo & MaynardWaters I've put copy no, and now the music isn't getting copied into the new directory, if I put copy: yes, it copies but also renames the files.
      • Ps. I'm up to date with beets now, I have installed with pip! Yey! 1.3.0 here I come!!!
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      • sampsyo: So beets will not just change the tags and keep the filename intact? I'm not sure what you mean when you say "there's no mixed (keep the suffix, change the prefix) option"
      • sampsyo
        it will keep the filename intact, it's just that "keeping the filename intact" means the whole path -- including the directory
      • jonthomas83
        sampsyo: ah right, so I can't have beets change the folder to "/($original_year) $album_title/" and keep original filename? Ok, that's a shame. No problem. Thanks for your help. I need to think outside the box! Haha
      • sampsyo
        is that what you're looking to do? there is actually a series of hacks that might do that, but first it might be worth asking why you want to keep the old filename
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      • what's special about your existing filenames that you can't replicate with rule-based names?
      • jonthomas83
        sampsyo: With 100% .log FLAC rips, it's important that the log is kept untouched (we're working on attaching logs to imports, aren't we). Similarly, it's quite important to keep filenames the same so that they match those filenames referenced in the .log file. Folders aren't as important.
      • sampsyo
        ah, interesting use case
      • well, the aforementioned hack uses the "inline" plugin -- have you looked at the docs for that at all?
      • jonthomas83
        At the moment my folders look like this "artist - album title (year) FLAC/xx track title"
      • I would like "/artist/(original year) album title/keep filename intact"
      • ...and finally change tags, obviously
      • sampsyo: I'll have a look, thank you
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      • sampsyo
        the bit in question is given as an example under "Block Definitions": http://beets.readthedocs.org/en/v1.3.0/plugins/...
      • jonthomas83
        sampsyo: There's a lot to learn and read about, I want to get this right so I'll have a read and will get back to you here or on Twitter. Thank you for your help.
      • sampsyo
        great; good luck
      • jonthomas83
        sampsyo: thank you!
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      • k-man_
        magnulu, yeah, I don't own a squeezebox
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      • zombiehoffa
        Hi, I have 2 questions: 1. If I change my paths format how do I get beets to change the paths on what's already imported? 2. If I want to put the album format (i.e mp3, flax, etc) in the album title how would I do that?